“Go back home” – Michael Bisping faces backlash for comments over tragic elementary school shooting in Texas

Michael Bisping shows outrage over Texas elementary school shooting that took place yesterday while fans poke fun at the fighter for being a foreigner.

Michael Bisping reacts to Texas elementary school shooting
Michael Bisping reacts to Texas elementary school shooting

Michael Bisping was devastated like many by the news of the recent Texas elementary school shooting. However, his reaction to the tragedy was not well received by fans as many took digs at the UFC fighter’s nationality.

Yesterday, a teenage gunman killed 19 young children and two adults at an elementary school in Texas. The tragedy led to furious outrage all over social media. As a United States of America resident, Michael Bisping tweeted out his condolences to the families that hold grief over this terrible incident. “Simply heartbreaking,” wrote Bisping.

“Last tweet- I know you don’t wanna hear me go on about tragedies like this. But as I sit here with a child of my own at elementary school I cannot help but be saddened and angry that this continues to happen. It should not be happening. Rip to all 14 children and the teacher,” continued Mike in another tweet expressing his worry as a father.

And to this tweet, while many appreciated Bisping’s words of condolences, the UFC fighter still faced backlash from others as he was asked to “go back home”. Michael Bisping is a British fighter that now lives in Anaheim, California. “Don’t come here and try and change it to what you left,” wrote a Twitter user to Bisping.

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“You value your gun over life” Michael Bisping responds to hate tweets

Texas School shooting
Photo from the scene of the tragic incident

Bisping has never been one to hold back his words against a Twitter user in his mentions. “Hey f**khead. You clearly value your gun over the life of innocent children. You are a certified piece of sh*t,” wrote back Michael Bisping responding to his hate comment. Bisping has been mentioned before about the gun laws in America and is totally against them.

Bisping ended up getting insulted and abused for simply offering his condolences to the families that lost their loved ones in the tragic school shooting in Texas yesterday. Michael now lives in Orange County with his wife, Rebecca, his two sons, Callum and Lucas, and his daughter, Ellie Bisping. The fighter also has his own podcast called, Believe You Me where he discusses all things MMA with Anthony Smith and

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