“Ain’t a hand it’s a hammer“- Michael Chandler recalls the brutal story of popping his broken finger back in place before UFC 274

“Ain’t a hand it’s a hammer“- Michael Chandler recalls the brutal story of popping his broken finger back in place before UFC 274

With his most recent win over Ferguson Michael Chandler has bettered his UFC record to 2-2

Michael Chandler gained one of the most iconic knockouts of all-time at UFC 274 in Pheonix Arizona. The fact that it was a front kick KO, the precise timing of it made sure it would go down in the history books etched in stone. The fact that Tony Ferguson, one of the toughest athletes MMA has ever seen, was on the receiving end of it just added to the mythos of the moment. To think that all of this almost didn’t happen because of a light training session.

Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson
Michael Chandler lands a picture-perfect front-kick over Tony Ferguson

Yes, former Bellator champion, Michael Chandler revealed on the MMA Hour show with Ariel Helwani about how he had to put back a dislocated finger while back-stage warming up for the Tony Ferguson fight, According to Chandler, during the third round of the fight between OSP and Shogun Rua, he decided that he wanted to emulate Tony’s kick heavy reliant so he could attempt to “Block-bodyshot” asking his Maquez Jackson, his training partner to throw some kicks at him.

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Michael Chandler describes dislocating finger before Tony Ferguson fight as “Out of body experience”

Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler has expressed his intentions to face Nate Diaz

He said, “He was throwing them fine, he was throwing them perfectly but for some reason I went to go catch one of them and it bent my finger back” moving his hand towards more visible light he continued, “it bend this finger all the way back” towards the back of his hand. His coach with a terrified look tried to pop the finger back into place, after which Chandler made a fist and bumped it repeatedly onto his palm.


Chandler then consulted the UFC’s resident doctor who told him as long as he can make a fist, his finger has popped back into the socket. Chandler said to his coaches, “Boys it ain a hand it’s a hammer, we got one job to do and it’s go out there and sling it no matter what” after which he continued hitting the mitts alongside his coach, “to keep the adrenaline flowing”

Chandler described the ordeal as a unique feeling saying, “It was an out-of-body experience for sure, you are about to make the walk a fight this guy in front of millions at a pay-per-view and you just dislocated at least one of your fingers.” Chandler has received a 30-day medical suspension however he has shown his willingness to take on Nate Diaz in a big Money Fight.

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