“His best performance”- Michael Chandler reveals when Conor McGregor seemed ‘untouchable’

Michael Chandler revisits some of Conor McGregor's finest moments inside the octagon that created history in the UFC.

Michael Chandler Conor McGregor UFC
Michael Chandler talks about Conor McGregor's best moment in the UFC

Michael Chandler revisits the moments that took the UFC’s lightweight division to a whole new level. The former Bellator champion is full of praise for the former double champ Conor McGregor.

The UFC’s lightweight division has turned out to be one of the most excited and entertaining weight classes in the promotion. Some of the best fighters in the world fight in the 155-pound division and the standards keep raising for what the next big thing is for the division.

Michael Chandler
Michael “Iron” Chandler

In UFC’s recent episode of UFC Connected, rising star Michael Chandler sits down to talk about what was one of the most pivotal moments in the promotion’s lightweight division history. For this segment, Chandler picks the fight between Irish superstar Conor McGregor and former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. McGregor beat Alvarez via knockout to become the first-ever UFC two-division champion by acquiring the featherweight and lightweight belts.

“When he came in and beat Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden, he almost looked untouchable,” said Chandler on the recent UFC Connected episode.

Michael Chandler admits Conor elevated the sport of mixed martial arts

Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez
McGregor vs Alvarez

“That in my mind is Conor McGregor’s best performance that we have ever seen. The most complete. The most dominant. The sport itself was elevated Conor.” said Chandler in the episode. Conor defeated Eddie at UFC 205 and became the 9th undisputed lightweight champion. He created history by becoming the first-ever two-division champion.

It is Michael’s dream to share the octagon with Conor in his career. Chandler is now facing Tony Ferguson at UFC 274 this weekend. A win over Ferguson would certainly give Chandler the opportunity to be in line for a super fight against McGregor. Conor is set to make his return to the octagon this year after being sidelined by an injury he suffered at UFC 264 last year.

What are your thoughts on a potential Chandler vs McGregor showdown?

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