“Logan needs a new fiancée”- MMA veteran shocked after Dillon Danis’ expose thread of Logan Paul’s girlfriend Nina Agdal

Jake Shields opines that Logan Paul's fiancée is not worth it.

“Logan needs a new fiancée”- MMA veteran shocked after Dillon Danis’ expose thread of Logan Paul’s girlfriend Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal and Logan Paul (Courtesy-The Mirror/DAZN)

The fight between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has been hyped up to great heights. Recently, verbal fights over the internet have also taken place. Danis attacked Paul personally by involving his fiancée, Nina Agdal.

Danis has been continuously highlighting Agdal’s previous relationships. He has circulated pictures of Agdal with past partners on his social media handles. Trash-talking is a part of the fight game today, and Danis is good at it. Jake Shields, the MMA veteran, has also noticed the verbal altercations between the two.

After looking at @dillondanis Twitter, I think Logan Paul needs to find a new fiancée.
Jake Shields via X

Earlier Paul had attempted a comeback by posting a badly edited image of Danis kissing Conor McGregor. This was a reference to Danis and McGregor’s relationship as training partners. The reply was not considered to be a fit answer to Danis.

As of now, Paul has threatened legal action against Danis if the Twitter attack on Agdal continues. While Paul does not have such a great combat record, he will have his brother by his side, Jake Paul. Jake has a boxing record of 7 wins and one loss. Danis is a notable grappler, but his boxing skills are questionable. He is set to be trained by McGregor.

Logan Paul is on a path to set his boxing record straight

The Paul Brothers, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul are everywhere these days. They have the whole entertainment world talking about them. Formerly known for their YouTube acts, they are now established boxers, or at least Jake is. Logan has only fought in the boxing ring two times, and both times, he has failed to win. The first bout was with KSI, and the second one was with Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather (Courtesy-NBC News)

Compared to Logan, Jake has a good record of 7 wins and only one loss. He has won against multiple UFC fighters, recently beating Nate Diaz. For Logan to solidify his reputation as a boxer, his win over Dillon Danis is absolutely necessary.

Danis and Paul will fight in October. The fight has already gained a lot of publicity through altercations on social media. For Paul, beating Danis would make way for more profitable fights.

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