“En route to do the same again this time”- Paddy Pimblett shows off his incredible 8-week weight-loss

Prior to beating Kazula Vargas, Pimblett underwent an eight-week weight loss during his previous training camp. He has promised to repeat the process for his upcoming UFC fight.

Paddy Pimblett

In his most recent UFC appearance, Paddy Pimblett demonstrated a spectacular eight-week metamorphosis that he hopes to duplicate this summer. The Merseyside star, who gained 200lb following his recent triumph against Kazula Vargas, has resumed training as he gets ready for his upcoming match against Jordan Leavitt. Pimblett broke his weight commitment after making the same promise to avoid gaining weight before his victory at UFC London.

Prior to his second UFC fight, Pimblett lost 55 pounds and weighed in at 145 pounds. He later shared the various phases of his prior makeover in a Twitter video with the following caption: “My weight loss transformation in my last camp. A picture each week for eight weeks, en route to do the same again this time.”

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Paddy Pimblett’s drastic loss weight plan

Paddy Pimblett’s Drastic Loss

Pimblett has a reputation for making drastic weight losses in the early stages of his career and has acknowledged that he is a huge foodie. Following his submission victory, Pimblett embarked on a second junk food binge but has come under fire from other athletes who worry that it will negatively affect his career in the long run.

After displaying a tremendous weight loss, the 27-year-old is already well on his way to making the metamorphosis necessary to achieve the 155lb restriction. With time away from camp, he began his diet at the end of April, and he should comfortably reach the limit once more. 

In an effort to become closer to taking on competitors from the top fifteen in the rankings, he will compete against Leavitt in London for the third time this summer.

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