“Wanted to become a MEME” Paulo Costa feels Luke Rockhold smeared blood on his face to have a glorious end to his career

“Wanted to become a MEME” Paulo Costa feels Luke Rockhold smeared blood on his face to have a glorious end to his career

Costa criticized Rockhold for trying to impair his vision

Paulo Costa is indifferent to being sexually harassed by Luke Rockhold in the octagon by this point. Fans have made not how Costa has had his modesty tainted by a few of his opponents during his fights. The most notable example of this was obviously Israel Adesanya literally humping the man after he had knocked him out in the second round.


Last week’s co-main event saw another example of this when Luke smeared the blood from his face to that of Costa. This was obviously bad enough but in the process, Luke almost kissed Costa mid-fight.

The legality of the move can be disputed in many ways as you’re trying to impair the vision of your opponent but the referee allowed it to happen without a hitch. Today on the MMA Hour Costa discussed what it was like to be on the wrong end of another sexual advance during his fights.

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Paulo Costa accuses Luke Rockhold of trying to impair his vision

Paulo Costa x Luke Rockhold
Costa won a comfortable 30-27 on all scorecards

Costa won a unanimous 30-27 decision over Rockhold in a thrilling fight that at altitude bought out the worst cardio in the two fighters. By end of the fight with about 30 seconds left, Costa would try to scramble out of a takedown attempt by Rockhold but would end up being mounted. To prevent any further gains for Luke, Costa licked his arms against that of Luke so that he had no space to work with.

It was after this that Luke decided to rub his face over Costa, in effect smearing the blood from his face to the eyes of Costa. “When I was fighting, I just felt something on my face, I figured he was trying to get some blood on my face to impair my vision, only he can say what he thought about in that moment”, said Costa as he described the ordeal.

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Costa said he was more focused on not letting go off Rockhold’s arms and give him a separation that would allow Luke to ground and pound Costa for the final 25 seconds. Costa’s coach, Captain Erik, gave out his own take on Luke’s actions saying, “I think he was going out with a bang, personally you know I think he knew, the last 10 seconds of his entire career and that’ll be a meme”


Costa gave Luke his due during their octagon interviews giving credit to Luke’s chin, which had been dismissed as a glass chin by many of his former opponents. Rockhold in turn still holds a grudge towards Costa, posting on Instagram, “You’re still my B***”

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