Paulo Costa pushes wild flat Earth theory in latest post, dismisses Australia as fake

Paulo Costa pushes wild flat Earth theory in latest post, dismisses Australia as fake

Paulo Costa

Paulo Costa believes that Australia is not a country and the earth is actually flat. Other than being a professional MMA fighter, Costa is a curious individual who has keen interest in almost everything. This also includes some of his most outrageous takes on the world that is hard to digest. Some of his most popular arguments were supporting the theory of flat earth in the past. Last year, costa tweeted “Flat earth” and gave no further information regarding the context.


The tweet simply prompted fans and followers to assume that the Brazilian is a believer of flat earth theory. Later, ‘Borrachinha’ posted another tweet along with an edited picture of flat earth with an outer cover. In the caption, the fighter questioned the existence of the ice wall. He wrote :

“The ice wall is missing.”

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Paulo Costa extends his flat Earth claims

Paulo Costa UFC Vegas 41 weigh ins
Paulo Costa at UFC Vegas 41 weigh ins

In a recent tweet, Costa shared a picture of the globe above Australia. The pictures were taken at different times and the pattern of clouds appears to be the same. In the picture there was written, ” It seems that someone forgot that clouds tend to move.”

In the captions, Costa wrote “Is that your globe planet?.”

It seems like Costa doesn’t acknowledge Australia as a country and thinks that it’s fake. But on the other hand, knowing Costa and his antics to be a great troll it’s hard to comprehend anything. It might be true that Costa is serious and believes in flat earth theory which is scientifically inaccurate. It also can be that Costa is just being himself and trolling and making fun of all the flat earthers on the internet.

The comments as usual under Costa’s tweet were hilarious and many also roasted the fighter for such claims.


An user seems to have figure everything out and believes that Costa is actually a flat earth believer but in order not get cancelled he posts these jockingly.

Another user made the classic Costa joke by claiming the fighter is drunk.

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