“Dana must hate dealing with him” – Paulo Costa continuing to troll signing the fight contract weeks away from UFC 298 has fans in splits

Paulo Costa reveals his signed 'contract' for his fight against Robert Whittaker in a troll post on his Instagram story

“Dana must hate dealing with him” – Paulo Costa continuing to troll signing the fight contract weeks away from UFC 298 has fans in splits

Paulo Costa revealed his signed 'contract' for his bout against Robert Whittaker (via X)

Paulo Costa, also known as “Borrachinha,” has returned to mixed martial arts (MMA) forefront. Recently, his tweets and interviews have entertained and enthralled fans. Costa recently revealed the signing of a deal for his upcoming bout against Robert Whittaker on his official Instagram account. However, this was not the usual type of contract you would expect.  This has caused quite a stir in the MMA community. 


In a recent story on Instagram, Paulo Costa posted a troll contract asking, “Will you fight Bobby Knuckles?” (Robert Whittaker). To this, he had put a tick on the YES option. This was obviously a troll attempt by Costa. On a serious note, it remains to be seen if he has actually signed the contract, given his previous statement that he hadn’t. This is what Paulo Costa remarked in a post by an MMA news channel:

Deal signed
Paulo Costa via X

Paulo Costa is known for his impressive talents within the octagon and his lively and unusual behavior outside of it. Costa takes a lighthearted and funny approach to social media, engaging with his fan base through memes, jokes, and sometimes trolling.

Costa’s declaration comes only weeks before UFC 298, adding to the intrigue and hilarity. Instead of following the typical practice of keeping fight specifics hidden until a more strategic point, Costa takes a more unconventional approach, leaving fight fans wondering and chuckling at his unpredictable antics.


Fight fans react to Paulo Costa’s troll contract in latest post

Paulo Costa, often known as “Borrachinha,” recently caused a sensation in the MMA world. This came with a social media revelation that left fans scratching their heads and chuckling in enjoyment. His antics outside the octagon have always amused fans, and this time, it was no different.

Fight fans react to Paulo Costa's new revelation about his contract
Fight fans react to Paulo Costa’s new revelation about his contract (via Newshub)

Social media platforms lit up with reactions from fans, each contributing to the virtual discussion surrounding Costa’s announcement. Some fight fans believed that he was still trolling just weeks ahead of his fight with Robert Whittaker. Others believed that he was somehow hard to work with. Here are some of the reactions from fight fans:

Paulo Costa’s new declaration has increased excitement for his next fight at UFC 298. It has also demonstrated his ability to engage and entertain fight fans with his unorthodox style. As the MMA world awaits more details regarding the contract, one thing is certain: Paulo Costa has once again made an everlasting stamp on the sport, transforming a regular contract signing into a time of shared joy and camaraderie among fans.

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