“He’s so nice,” Popular fitness heartthrob received $10,000 for graduating from UFC boss Dana White at gambling event

Sara Saffari has become popular in the combat sports community for her association with Bradley Martyn. Recently, she talked about UFC CEO Dana White on her podcast.

“He’s so nice,” Popular fitness heartthrob received $10,000 for graduating from UFC boss Dana White at gambling event

Dana White gifts 10K to Sara Saffari (Image via: IMAGO, X/Sara Saffari)

Sara Saffari is one of the most famous fitness influencers in the US. With fellow fitness influencer Bradley Martyn, she runs a podcast, Mommy Daddy Talk. In a recent podcast episode, Saffari had great things to say about UFC CEO Dana White. White is well known for his gambling proclivities.


Recently, Saffari graduated with a Masters degree. Her achievement earned her a gift from the UFC CEO. This is what Saffari said about Dana White on the podcast:

Dana gave me $10,000 for my graduation gift for graduating with my master's......He's so nice.
Sara Saffari via Mommy Daddy Talk.

Dana White is very close with many influencers. So it comes as no surprise as he gave 10K Dollars to Sara Saffari. He famously gifted 250K Dollars to Kyle Forgeard of the Nelk Boys for his birthday. Moreover, White is also close with Logan Paul. His energy drink, Prime, is the official sports drink of the UFC. However, White is not on good terms with Jake Paul, the younger brother of Logan Paul. Jake Paul and Dana White have had a feud regarding fighter pay.

With the recent disclosure of fight purse documents, Jake Paul has taken jabs at Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor on social media. Nevertheless, it has not resulted in “The Problem Child” being banned from UFC events. He has been on UFC PPVs and has even had a verbal altercation with Daniel Cormier in one of them. However, Dillon Danis was escorted out of the venue after Ali Abdelaziz slapped him at UFC 268.


When Dana White gave a quarter million Dollars to one of the Nelk Boys as a birthday gift

Kyle Forgeard is one of the biggest influencers from Canada. He is also a big supporter of Donald Trump, the former President of the USA. Trump is a close friend of UFC CEO Dana White. White is a close acquaintance of the influencer group known as NELK Boys. Kyle received a whopping $250,000 wrapped in a plastic bag for his 28th birthday.

Dana White with Nelk Boys (Image via: X/Mirc)

The Nelk Boys have a YouTube podcast, FullSend. Many, including the likes of Dana White, Donald Trump, Mike Tyson, and Elon Musk, to name a few, have grazed the podcast. The Nelk Boys have also interviewed UFC fighters Islam Makhachev, Alexander Volkanovski, Kamaru Usman, and Justin Gaethje.

Interestingly, they have even traveled to Dagestan to train with Team Khabib. They detailed their stay in the Russian Republic and had many great things to say about it. Having Dana White as a friend definitely had a role to play in their close association with the UFC fighters.

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