“I guess too many Jews” – Pro-Palestine tweets get UFC star Nate Diaz and teammate’s seminar CANCELED amidst geopolitical conflict

MMA fighter Jake Shields recently faced backlash for his pro-Palestinian stance. It led to a seminar's cancellation that involved superstar Nate Diaz.

“I guess too many Jews” – Pro-Palestine tweets get UFC star Nate Diaz and teammate’s seminar CANCELED amidst geopolitical conflict

Jake Shields and Nate Diaz (Image via Imago)

Jake Shields is a close friend of Nate Diaz. Shields is very active on X (Formerly Twitter) with an outspoken personality. Lately, Shields blatantly criticized Israel for the tensions in the Gaza Strip. Shields posted a series of tweets that were pro-Palestinian. With the UFC fighters choosing sides in the ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict, Shields was a surprise addition to the pro-Palestinian group.

Shields is a polarizing figure. Even though he has Republican-leaning political ideologies, he is a vocal critic of the former President of the USA, Donald Trump. Shields is also very close with the Diaz brothers. The infamous Nashville brawl happened after his fight with Dan Henderson. Now, Shields’ political beliefs have resulted in the cancellation of a seminar hosted by himself and Nate Diaz. This is what he tweeted regarding the cancellation.

Cancel culture has arrived in jiu jitsu but i already found another gym to host us that’s not ran by cowards my political views do not always reflect my friends so I hate seeing them dragged into this nonsense.
Jake Shields via X

Apparently, Shields’ political beliefs are his own only, and his friends need not have to suffer for it. Even though his seminar with Nate Diaz was canceled at Renzo Gracie, Brooklyn, he found some other venues that were okay with Shields’ political beliefs. Moreover, he will also be doing seminars in other places, notably in Chicago next weekend. Shields also confirmed that Renzo Gracie was not at fault since he did not own the gym that canceled Shields.

Shields is a ‘Skrap Pack’ member, including the Diaz brothers, Gilbert Melendez and Dave Terell. They all trained at Fairtex SF under Cesar Gracie. Before losing to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 129, Shields was on a 15-fight win streak that spanned six years.

Fans react to the seminar of Jake Shields and Nate Diaz getting canceled due to Shields’ pro-Palestinian views

The MMA community was sent abuzz following the cancellation of a seminar featuring Jake Shields and Nate Diaz. The event’s unfortunate halt was due to Shields’ public stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The news of the cancellation spread like wildfire. Fans quickly took to social media to voice their support and opposition to Shields.

Jake Shields
Jake Shields (Image via:X)

See how the fans reacted to the event cancellation on social media.

Shields was recently in the news for having an altercation with former UFC fighter, Mike Jackson. Moreover, he was with Paulo Costa when Costa had an altercation with Khamzat Chimaev. Shields has been at the center of altercation on many occasions and his verbal altercations on X is no different.

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