“The Suga Show starts now” – Rap icons Drake and Snoop Dogg react to Sean O’Malley channeling inner Conor McGregor after iconic UFC 292 win

Sean O'Malley gets high praise from legendary rappers such as Drake and Snoop Dogg following his win at UFC 292.

“The Suga Show starts now” – Rap icons Drake and Snoop Dogg react to Sean O’Malley channeling inner Conor McGregor after iconic UFC 292 win

Snoop Dog, Drake and Sean O'Malley (Image Courtesy: CNN/ UFC)

The victory of Sean O’Malley in Boston, Massachusetts, has triggered a wave of celebrations among both celebrities and fight enthusiasts. O’Malley’s recent win showcased shades of Conor McGregor’s persona, which further amplified the excitement. The unexpected triumph unfolded on a Saturday night when O’Malley knocked out Aljamain Sterling, earning himself the coveted title of UFC bantamweight champion.

In the first part of the fight, ‘Suga’ O’Malley cleverly avoided Sterling’s attempts to bring him down. Then, in the second part of the fight, O’Malley hit Sterling with a strong punch that was really well done. This punch made Sterling fall to the ground, and O’Malley continued hitting him while on the ground, securing his win.

It’s important to know that O’Malley has always looked up to Conor McGregor and wanted to be like him. With this win, O’Malley’s dreams are starting to come true. He even posted a video of himself celebrating in front of a mirror, just like McGregor often does on social media.

Big music stars Drake and Snoop Dogg saw the video and left comments on Instagram. Snoop Dogg wrote, “The suga show starts now. Great work, nefew.” Drake also commented and said that the video shows how important O’Malley’s win is and how it will be remembered.

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Sean O’Malley’s perfect imitation of Conor McGregor’s championship victory

Conor McGregor (Courtesy MMA Mania)
Conor McGregor (Courtesy MMA Mania)

Sean O’Malley‘s knockout resembled Conor McGregor‘s featherweight title victory over Aldo at UFC 194 in December 2015. In both cases, O’Malley and McGregor landed counterpunches while moving backward, causing their opponents to fall, and then concluded the fight shortly afterward. Fans promptly shared comparisons of these two finishes online.

O’Malley himself answered when questioned about these comparisons during his post-fight press conference. “Conor is a high-level striker and I’m a high-level striker. When I was in the octagon and Aljo was making his walkout, I’m sure people will find the replays, I was stepping back and throwing that right hand the exact same way it landed,” he said.

O’Malley’s popularity just skyrocketed even more, and this time the haters are silent too. It would be interesting to see if, unlike McGregor, O’Malley actually defends his title against fellow bantamweight contenders.

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