“I would have done the same thing,” Rival Sean Strickland sides with ‘petty motherfu**er’ Israel Adesanya for taunting Alex Pereira’s kid

Sean Strickland claims he would have mocked Alex Pereira's son in the same manner Israel Adesanya did after winning the bout.

“I would have done the same thing,” Rival Sean Strickland sides with ‘petty motherfu**er’ Israel Adesanya for taunting Alex Pereira’s kid

Sean Strickland is growing fonder of Israel Adesanya after his recent victory over Alex Pereira. In his most recent interview, he discussed Izzy’s taunt towards his rival’s kid during his victory to snatch back the UFC middleweight title. 

Israel Adesanya recently defeated Alex Pereira by TKO in a highly anticipated fight at UFC 287. However, the odds are stacked against Adesanya, who has one win to Pereira’s three. However, Adesanya pulled a controversial stunt that night, drawing Sean Strickland’s support.


After winning the fight and doing a bow and arrow act on “Poatan,” Israel Adesanya went on to exact revenge on Alex’s son, who ridiculed him during his kickboxing days. Sean Strickland, who is never afraid to express himself, says he has no objections to this behavior. 

During the Interview with Helen Yee, Sean said, “Here’s the thing, man. You’re a petty motherf—ker. That’s the one thing about you I respect,” He repeated the statement with more intensity “I would have done the same s—t. So, petty motherf—ker, but so am I and that’s the one thing where I’ll say, ‘You know what, I would have done the same s—t.’”

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Sean Strickland says Robert Whittaker deserves a title shot against Israel Adesanya over him

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Sean Strickland was on his path to a title shot against Israel Adesanya in 2022. However, Strickland was defeated in the first round by Alex Pereira. Sean was on a six-fight winning streak at the time; however, it was short-lived as he was defeated. But his previous bout, which he won on short notice, thrust him back into the spotlight when he overcame Light Heavyweight opponent Nassourdine Imavov. 

“Personally, would I like to step in and fight ‘Izzy’ and punch him in the face? 100 percent … but I think Whittaker should get the fight,” Sean said. “It’s hard because he fought him f—king twice. Here’s the thing, Dricus doesn’t have a shot. Dricus doesn’t come f—king close. If we’re talking everybody ranked above me, Whittaker is probably the only one that has a legitimate shot. I thought he could have won the last time they went at it.”

He concluded the interview with, “Dricus is just an easy f—king paycheck for ‘Izzy,”.


Strickland also wants to face “The Last Stylebender” for the crown. But he also stated that Whittaker is more deserving. Izzy has already contacted Dricus du Plessis, but according to Strickland, Dricus does not have a chance against Izzy. 

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