“Rubbed me the wrong way…” Sean Brady SLAMS Ian Garry for bad etiquette after bringing cameras to gym practice

Sean Brady shared his opinion about Ian Garry's attitude at the gym. Brady fights Kelvin Gastelum this weekend at UFC Austin.

“Rubbed me the wrong way…” Sean Brady SLAMS Ian Garry for bad etiquette after bringing cameras to gym practice

Sean Brady criticized Ian Garry ahead of his fight in UFC Fight Night, Austin (via IMAGO/Instagram)

Sean Brady takes on Kelvin Gasteum in a welterweight matchup in UFC Fight Austin. A few weeks later, Ian Garry fights Vicente Luque at UFC 296. The two were teammates at Kill Cliff FC and respectably agreed to fight. However, Garry’s public stints of leaking a call recording between him and Luque made Brady lose respect for him. Now, he shared his opinions about Ian Garry.

In the pre-fight media day, Sean Brady addressed his thoughts about Ian Garry. Here is what Brady said:

He's very talented, but like for me, I've been with the same group of guys since I started fighting, so it rubbed me the wrong way when he did that whole thing with Luque. Recording the phone, the way he just did that. He called him (Luque), he had cameras on him recording him and Luque having a conversation. That s**t was wack to me."
Sean Brady via UFC Austin media day

Earlier, Ian Garry grabbed the headlines when he was banned from Team Renegade for his demeanors at the gym. Also, he shared an audio recording of his call with his opponent, Vicente Luque, when the fight was announced. Although both fighters shared a respectable conversation, Garry posted it on his Social Media. As such, Sean Braddy didn’t approve of this.

Ian Garry is undefeated and is rising through the rankings of the welterweight division. Likewise, Sean Brady was undefeated until his last fight with Belal Muhammad. Now, both of them go into action in December against Vicente Luque and Kelvin Gastleum, respectively. A win for ‘The Future’ and Brady might lead to them facing each other soon as they’re ranked very closely.

Sean Brady on his first professional loss

Sean Brady was a rising prospect in the welterweight division of the UFC. He was undefeated, with 15 wins and no losses. But, in October 2022, he lost his first MMA bout to Belal Muhammad via TKO. Now, he returns to the octagon to face Kelvin Gastelum in UFC Fight Night, Austin. Ahead of the fight, Brady shared about the experience of dealing with his first MMA loss.

Sean Brady looked back on his loss to Belal Muhammad
Sean Brady looked back on his loss to Belal Muhammad (via Verdict MMA)

In a recent interview with the UFC, Sean Brady stated that losing the fight in UFC 280 was the best thing that happened to him. Here is what Brady said about the aftermath of his first loss:

It is a lot of pressure and people just expect you to go out there and win all the time, no matter what, no matter who you're fighting. And, it puts a lot of pressure on you and obviously, you put a lot of pressure on yourself too cause you want to stay undefeated. As soon as I lost, I'm like this is going to be the best thing that ever happened to me and it was. I'm definitely the best Sean Brady mentally and physically I've ever been.

After his first loss, Sean Brady was set to fight Michel Pereira in March 2023 but injured his groin and pulled out. Later, he was to face Jack Della Maddalena, which was also canceled due to an infection Brady had acquired. Finally, he’s getting back to action this weekend against Kelvin Gastleum. As such, he hoped to win the fight and return back to the winning column.

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