“Men are weak,” Sean Strickland blames Viking’s decline from warriors to ‘Metrose*ual’ on increasing women’s influence on society

Middleweight champion Sean Strickland once again pinpoints the fallacies of men as a byproduct of empowering women too much.

“Men are weak,” Sean Strickland blames Viking’s decline from warriors to ‘Metrose*ual’ on increasing women’s influence on society

Sean Strickland, who squares of with Dricus Du Plessis next, gives his views on the downfall of Vikings (Source: Twitter)

Sean Strickland is famed for his abrasive, immensely candid viewpoints. The middleweight champion, who faces Dricus Du Plessis next, is unhinged in voicing his concerns about controversial aspects. This ranges from political upheavals to the place of women in societal norms, to sexual orientations. His systemic and straight-as-arrow viewpoints though, often crown him the label of “people’s champion” or a true American champion.


However, not all his rants are always welcome though. Just this year, former NFL star Robert Griffin III bashed him, for his backhanded jabs at women. He has, once again, mouthed off very specific notions about Vikings, in a generic sense. Taking to X, Sean Strickland voiced his concern on the fallout of women’s empowerment. He conversely labeled Vikings of the old as modern “urbanized queers”; blaming the phenomenon on women. He said:

I'll never understand what happened to Vikings... They went from warrior's to a bunch of metro sexual f*gs... I suppose that's what happens when you give women too much power in your society.

This is not the only secluded incidence of Strickland being dismissive of women. He clashed with UFC fighter and OnlyFans star Paige VanZant, recently. Additionally, he also engaged in an ongoing squabble with Valentina Shevchenko. Time and again he has anointed women to be only fit for the kitchen-scape. He mentioned the same with VanZant. In a separate tweet, he wrote again:

Just to be clear I have been to the land of the so called Vikings..... The women are fine and the men are weak.

Strickland will have his maiden title defense against Du Plessis in January. The 28-5 fighter, who upset Israel Adesanya for the 185lbs gold in September, will be making his return.


Sean Strickland takes a double-edged jab at Valentina Shevchenko

Sean Strickland and former UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko are engaged in quite an online feud. Recently, “Bullet Valentina” had a rough going. At 23-4 MMA, she had one loss and one draw, preceded by a big winning streak. Her last skid was against Alexa Grasso. Strickland squabbled with Paige VanZant recently, diminishing women’s MMA. And Shevchenko took offense.

 Sean Strickland, who faces Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297, beefs with Valentina Shevchenko
Sean Strickland, who faces Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297, beef with Valentina Shevchenko (Source: Wikipedia/VOI)

Shevchenko had retorted by claiming Strickland to be an “offended kid”. To which, the fighter deeply criticized her striking. Afterward, he apologized on social media and additionally extended a formal shooting range invite. But the buck did not stop there. He took another double-edged jab at her shooting skills and nationality.

With the snap-back interactions and banters that correspondingly follow, the feud had hyped up much. So much so, that UFC commentator Joe Rogan, and MMA reported Nina Marie Daniele have both egged on the situation. All that awaits is the next serve by Shevchenko, after a range shootout challenge.

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