“America first, Trans is mental illness…f**k who you want” – Sean Strickland doubles down after ‘homophobic’ post gets tennis star Taylor Fritz into trouble

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland continues his battle against the LGBTQ+ ideology with a latest social media post.

“America first, Trans is mental illness…f**k who you want” – Sean Strickland doubles down after ‘homophobic’ post gets tennis star Taylor Fritz into trouble

Sean Strickland doubles down after Taylor Fritz controversy (via Imago/AWBI)

Sean Strickland is known for his unhinged and brash personality in the MMA world. He does not shy away from expressing his thoughts, even though they may be controversial. The UFC star recently doubled down on his controversial views. This came after tennis player Taylor Fritz faced backlash for liking one of Strickland’s posts. 


Strickland had gone on a homophobic rant against Pride Month celebrations in June. Fritz inadvertently liked the post while browsing Strickland’s page, prompting outrage. Sean Strickland posted again outlining his core beliefs after Fritz clarified he didn’t endorse Strickland’s stance. This is what Strickland posted:

What I endorse 1. America first 2. Trans is mental illness 3. Pronouns,gender resignment is child abuse 4. Government stays out of our families 5. Lastly fuck who you want, I just don't want to be force fed it by beer companies. They hate that we don't bend the knee. Them vs US
Sean Strickland via X

This response showed Strickland refusing to back down after the Taylor Fritz controversy. He reiterated the same divisive rhetoric that sparked backlash rather than apologize. Strickland portrayed himself as a victim of LGBTQ groups trying to silence his traditional views.

Strickland made it clear that he did not care about being labeled homophobic or transphobic. The defiant follow-up post kept Strickland in the headlines for controversy. His unapologetic response ensured he remained a lightning rod within MMA and beyond.


Sean Strickland went on a rant on social media about Pride month

Sean Strickland recently sparked outrage by going on a homophobic rant questioning the existence of Pride Month. Strickland crudely asked how the LGBTQ+ community got an entire month dedicated to them. This response from Strickland received support from controversial sports figures.

Sean Strickland goes on a rant about Pride month
Sean Strickland goes on a rant about Pride Month (via CODE Sports)

Strickland mocked the idea that Pride Month could honor something as significant as Independence Day or memorializing fallen soldiers. He suggested sarcastically that Pride Month must be about honoring “two dudes f***ing” instead.

Tarzan‘ overtly dismissed the legitimacy of Pride Month with his comments. He implied its purpose is vulgar and implied being gay makes someone less deserving of a celebratory month. Strickland argued that American founding fathers like George Washington wouldn’t approve of Pride Month. Strickland attempted to use patriotism to his advantage by invoking figures like Washington. 

He presumed the country’s origins should dictate current social issues. Strickland frequently stoked controversy with homophobic remarks. Previously, he had said that he wouldn’t want his son to be gay, drawing criticism. He remained proudly outspoken with his anti-LGBTQ+ views and has ignored backlash.


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