WATCH: ‘Threat to national security’ – UFC star Sean Strickland puts trespasser at gun point after trying to break into house

Sean Strickland actively pursues a potential intruder in his driveway, and conducts a citizens arrest until the cops arrive on the scene.

WATCH: ‘Threat to national security’ – UFC star Sean Strickland puts trespasser at gun point after trying to break into house

Sean Strickland holds an intruder at gun point (Via X)

Sean Strickland, the UFC middleweight champion, was recently involved in a tense scenario. He held a man at gunpoint until the police intervened. The incident occurred at Strickland’s home. He released security footage on Instagram, providing light on what happened.


In the surveillance footage, an anonymous individual approaches Strickland’s driveway and attempts to conceal himself between two automobiles. Strickland emerges from his home, carrying a handgun. Upon realizing he has been identified, the suspect starts to run. However, Strickland and another person pursue him into the street.

Strickland confronts the intruder and throws him to the ground. He then points his gun at him until the cops arrive. This resulted in the arrest of the suspect.

Strickland reported that the guy allegedly attacked a woman, and a security officer who observed the assault chased the suspect in his car as he escaped. The pursuit ended with the suspect driving on a torn tire and finally seeking sanctuary inside Strickland’s residence, which he incorrectly imagined was a safe haven.


The MMA community will most certainly follow Strickland’s path leading up to his championship defense, with this off-cage event adding a fresh and unexpected chapter to his story. Even for a seasoned athlete like Sean Strickland, the surveillance tape demonstrates the unpredictability of life.

Fight fans react to Sean Strickland pointing a gun at suspected intruder

The UFC middleweight champion recently found himself in an altercation with a possible intruder. Fight fans across social media platforms actively expressed a mix of admiration, and shock as they witnessed Sean Strickland’s confrontation.

Many lauded Strickland for his quick and decisive action in protecting his property. Some actively praised his bravery in confronting a potential threat. However, a segment of fans also voiced their concerns about the use of firearms in such situations.

This actively sparked a broader conversation about personal security and the responsibilities that come with being a public figure. Here are some reactions from fight fans:


The incident actively served as a reminder of the active challenges that even athletes face, even outside the octagon. Strickland’s actions have pushed fans to think about the fine line between self-defense and vigilantism.

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