‘We f**ked up letting women vote,’ UFC headliner Sean Strickland’s route to making America Great Again is putting women back in kitchen

Middleweight contender Sean Strickland urges politicians to pass laws to put women back into the kitchen.

‘We f**ked up letting women vote,’ UFC headliner Sean Strickland’s route to making America Great Again is putting women back in kitchen

Sean Strickland wants to put women back into household duties (Image Courtesy - Unsplash/MMA Junkie)

Sean Strickland has a way of angering people on a consistent basis. The fans and other fighters have expressed displeasure with the American middleweight fighter. Recently, he made an unwanted comment about a female interviewer during an interview. Attending the press conference for the upcoming Fight Night event, he made a comment about women belonging to the kitchen.

Sean Strickland said, “We need to go back to, like, taking the women out of the workforce. And maybe that is where we f**ked guys, we let women vote, no offense.” The fighter further indicated that everything needs to go back to 1942 when men worked, and women managed the household. Strickland further stated that he would vote for someone who could put the women back into the household.

Sean Strickland never misses the mark on angering people. His comments have a sexist attribute but fight fans have come to understand this aspect of the fighter. Strickland has made insensitive comments like this in the past and might never stop. He is that old-fashioned conservative-minded individual who does not uphold liberal values that exist in modern times.

He will face Abus Magomedov at UFC on ESPN 47. It is a dangerous fight for Strickland as not much is known about the skill level of Abus, as he remains unranked. Strickland losing to an unranked fighter could decimate his chances of fighting for the title. Strickland remains confident in landing the title shot in the future.

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Sean Strickland spars two fighters at once

Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland (Image Courtesy – MMA News)

UFC loudmouth Sean Strickland does crazy sparring routines from time to time. Strickland manages to anger people around the time of sparring. Belal Muhammad beefed with the American middleweight fighter because of an incident after sparring.

In a recent sparring session, Strickland fought in a two vs. one handicap MMA bout against Chris Curtis and Zach Juusola. To the surprise of many people, he managed to hold his own against the combination of two fighters at the same time. Strickland got hit with deadly hooks but remained composed during the exchange.

Strickland will face Abus Magomedov at UFC on ESPN 48. The American fighter must secure a victory to remain among the contenders. A loss to an unranked fighter will hurt his stock and will push him away from a potential title shot.

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