“That’s fat Nick Diaz” – Tai Tuivasa’s weed-fueled Instagram Live erupts in laughter as fans hilariously troll fighter

Fans express concern and disgruntled shock about Tai Tuivasa as UFC fighter goes live with scruffy hair and spliff in hand.

“That’s fat Nick Diaz” – Tai Tuivasa’s weed-fueled Instagram Live erupts in laughter as fans hilariously troll fighter

Tai Tuivasa and Nick Diaz (Via IMAGO)

Tai Tuivasa is the resident mainstay of the UFC heavyweight class, at 15-6-0. The fighter is famed for his post-fight antics and celebratory methods. Unfortunately, having lost in his last three fights, the Australian did not reel well from the skids. His most recent loss came against Alexandar Volkov, at UFC 293.

As of late, he has caught the fans’ attention once again, with his non-bout antic of substance smoking. A video of the same has gone viral, which shows him worse for the wear.


As a prominent heavyweight name, Tai Tuisava has had many highlights, inclusive of heavyweight knockout artist Derrick Lewis and controversial former UFC peer Greg Hardy. The circulation of a screenshot of his most recent Instagram Live has sent his fans into a frenzy. The screenshot, shared on X, shows a disheveled Tuivasa smoking a marijuana joint, prompting countless fan reactions. One prominent reaction labeled him saying:

 that's fat Nick Diaz.

The fighter has been a prominent name within the combat sports promotion. He has successfully held a five-streak win before. But in lieu of his status, his current form has drawn critical beratement. Some fans have even called him “fat Dillon Danis”, and mentioned him to be in his “demon-arc” (worst phase).

Coming off three back-to-back finish losses and a submission skid to Volkov, the fighter has no new fight booked yet. There is no word on when and where he might return to action in a card.


Fans react to Tai Tuivasa’s smoke fest on Instagram Live

Sydney’s Tai Tuivasa is one of the prime heavyweight strikers in the UFC. Recently, the fighter has been subject to a dragged-on lag, after three skids. His last few losses came to Alexander Volkov, Sergei Palvovich, and Ciryl Gane. The fighter tends to engage in curriculums of substance smoking, whether or not to celebrate a victory.

Tai Tuivasa
Tai Tuivasa (Via CBS Sports)

After his TKO defeat to Gane, he went on to deliberate on the matter with such a puff, at UFC Paris. He was also seen smoking with Israel Adesnaya during and around UFC 293.

But the fighter, sitting on the sidelines, is at a new visible low. A screenshot of his latest Instagram Live has surfaced, which shows a very disheveled state of the fighter. The imagery, with unkempt hair, and a joint in hand, has sparked many fan reactions. Correspondingly, most of them berate the fighter on his looks.


‘Bam Bam’ Tuivasa is thus on the deep end of a struggle. After the backlash of three consecutive defeats, the fighter has no further booking yet. Before that, Tuisava has had wins against Derrick Lewis and Augusto Sakai.

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