“Uncle Joe is a sensitive one”- Tony Ferguson blasts Joe Rogan for biased commentary; demands apology to appear on podcast

Tony Ferguson is not happy with the UFC commentary team and has some demands that need to be met for Joe Rogan to have him on his podcast.

Tony Ferguson Joe Rogan
Tony Ferguson hits out at Joe Rogan

For those wondering why Tony Ferguson has never appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast, El Cucuy has finally revealed his issue with the legendary commentator.

Following his loss to Michael Chandler at UFC 274, Tony Ferguson has not shied away from going on a press run talking to several MMA media and giving his thoughts on the current situation in the UFC. Recently “El Cucuy” was on The MMA Hour Show hosted by Ariel Helwani ranting about how the commentary team picks on certain fighters and “gang up” on them during fights.

“What ends up happening is the commentary gang up on people that they don’t like. I never did a Joe Rogan interview before,” said Tony talking to Ariel Helwani on the recent MMA Hour episode. Ferguson believes he might be the only MMA personality that has turned down an offer from Joe to the JRE podcast.

Ferguson also started off the interview by saying he will never do a ZOOM meeting interview or a Rogan podcast. Tony believes he has some values and needs to be paid to do such interviews. Ferguson even attended the MMA Hour show via phone and not video call.

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“If he says sorry” Tony Ferguson doubles down on a Joe Rogan apology demand

Tony Ferguson Joe Rogan
Tony Ferguson demands an apology from Joe Rogan

Tony doubled down on his comments during the MMA Hour show with a follow-up tweet from his Twitter account. Replying to a fan who was curious why Rogan was part of Ferguson’s hit list, Tony had to reaffirm that the podcast kingpin was a “sensitive one.”

“Uncle Joe is a sensitive one, can’t blame em’ Only one in history to decline the offer. Maybe someday if he says sorry,” wrote Ferguson in his recent tweet. Ferguson initially was affected by the commentary for his fight against Charles Oliveira at UFC 256 when he lost the fight via unanimous decision. It is widely considered that Ferguson was dominated by Oliveira in that fight but “El Cucuy” suggests his fans watch the fight without the commentary.

What are your thoughts on Tony’s dispute with Rogan?

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