“Things behind the scene”- Tony Ferguson reveals personal problems diminished his game at UFC 274

Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson
Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson blames personal problems affecting his mental fortitude leading up to the fight against Michael Chandler. Ferguson at UFC 274 got knocked out by Chandler in possibly one of the most brutal ways in the history of UFC. Chandler landed a front kick on Ferguson’s chin and the fighter was down on the mat for many seconds. The pictures of the knockout showed the shot to be extremely nasty and accurate.

However, it wasn’t the case from the start of the fight. In the first round, Ferguson was actually looking dominant and landed some good shots at his opponent. One of them also dropped chandler for a moment but it wasn’t enough to put him to sleep. In the scorecard, Ferguson won the first round and was looking good. But everything changed instantly in the second round.

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Tony Ferguson reflects on the loss against Michael Chandler

Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler
Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler

Two weeks after his unforgettable loss at UFC 274 against Chandler, Ferguson took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

In the tweet Ferguson retrospected the fight and concluded that he should have finished Chandler in the first round. Ferguson revealed that there were a lot of things going on outside the octagon in his life which disturbed his focus. ‘ El Cucuy’ promised his fans and followers that he will not let that happen ever again in future. In the end he thanked his crew for their support.

“Man In The Octagon” Should Have Finished Him In The First🥇Round. My Fault, I Had Lots Of Things Goin’ On Behind The Scenes, But That’s For Me ✝️ Won’t Let It Happen Again, 1 Pissed Off Determined Man. Til’ Then This Is For My Crew🍃 Thank🫵😎You- Champ 🎶😎🎶 -CSO- 🇺🇸🏆🇲🇽 # ❤️‍🩹,” wrote Ferguson.

Ferguson hasn’t really opened up about what’s been happening in his personal life but it’s not the first time. Earlier in 2019, after his knee injury Ferguson also faced some mental health issues. His wife also filed a case of severe paranoia against the fighter. Anyways, fight fans are expecting Ferguson to get better and fight again inside the octagon.

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