“I like the pipe,” UFC fighter who fought in three different weight classes, reveals favorite method of smoking marijuana

Another fighter being vocal about consuming marijuana has hit the headlines. This time, it's Jared Cannonier.

“I like the pipe,” UFC fighter who fought in three different weight classes, reveals favorite method of smoking marijuana

Jared Cannonier chose his favorite method of smoking weed (Image Sources - iStock/MMA Junkie)

Smoking marijuana is a tradition for fighters as of recent. In podcasts and interviews, fighters and personalities talk about the benefits of the herbal drug consumption. In this instance, UFC fighter Jared Cannonier spoke on the matter. However, the American professional fighter revealed his interest in smoking out of a pipe rather than a blunt. He was vocal about the favorite methods he usually consumes marijuana.


The interviewer laid out the different types of cannabis consumption and questioned the fighter regarding his favorite method. Jared Cannonier’s eyes lit up upon hearing the question. He said, “I like the pipe.” He then continued, “I smoke my pipe because I don’t want any of the other.” Pipe smoking is revealed to possess a soothing nature to it. However, Cannonier had different reasons.

You know, smoking is bad enough, it puts the stuff in your lungs already,” said a self-aware Jared Cannonier. But, he continued with, “I don’t need any papers or anything like that” referencing his love for smoking marijuana via a pipe rather than the sheets. The interview got more interesting when the interviewer questioned him about his smoking activities with rapper Wiz Khalifa who is widely regarded to be one of the most popular advocates for marijuana.

He’s [Wiz Khalifa] gonna out smoke me for sure,” answered Jared Cannonier. However, the tables turned when he said, “But if we’re talking about fighting that’s a different story.” The interviewer chuckled upon hearing the hilarious answer given by “The Killa Gorilla.” The video posted by ‘Full Send MMA’ had gone viral on Instagram.


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Jared Cannonier quit his Marijuana habits ahead of Marvin Vettori fight

Jared Cannonier Marvin Vettori
Jared Cannonier vs Marvin Vettori (Image Source – MMA Fighting)

UFC middleweight fighter Jared Cannonier is an avid consumer of weed. ‘The Killa Gorilla’ often talks about the benefits of the said herbal drug. However, the fighter recently revealed the process of quitting. Ahead of his fight against Marvin Vettori at UFC Fight Night, the American contender revealed his halt to smoking marijuana.

For this camp, I’ve abstained from smoking marijuana,” said Jared Cannonier to TMZ Sports. He then continued, “The clarity is there. There is a physical aspect to it. It is not putting foreign substances in my lung, the carbon deposits, and stuff like that. It helps me with all that. This is a five-round fight. I wanna push the pace, I wanna be powerful throughout the whole thing.

Seemed like the quit was worth as Jared Cannonier decisively won the fight against Marvin Vettori. ‘The Killa Gorilla’ revealed his camp to be more effective upon halting his marijuana activities. The victory was a huge step for Cannonier in the middleweight division as he climbs up the ranks in the roster.


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