“One of the worst,” Upset Dana White reacts to SHOCKING referee stoppage in Bobby Green vs Jalin Turner fight

Dana White reacts to late referee stoppage of Jalin Turner's pounding over downed-opponent Bobby Green, leading to KO victory

“One of the worst,” Upset Dana White reacts to SHOCKING referee stoppage in Bobby Green vs Jalin Turner fight

Dana White reacts to Jalin Turner's pounding of Bobby Green (Source: IMAGO/Twitter)

The UFC Austin card saw Jalin Turner dominate Bobby Green, with a big right hand for a KO. But this matchup entailed a controversial stoppage. CEO Dana White has chimed in on the same.


Turner, at 14-7 MMA, 7-4 UFC, faced Green in the co-main event, at the Moody Center. The opening round of the battle saw Turner land additional pounding on an already-grounded Green. This went on for several seconds. Subsequently, referee Kerry Hatley caught a whole lot of flack from the MMA community for it. Dana White, speaking at UFC on ESPN 52 post-fight conference, said:

One of the worst I’ve ever seen. The difference is we’ve had some refs say some dumb sh*t in the past, like, ‘I allowed him to be a warrior tonight,’ and goofy sh*t like that. He knows he made a mistake tonight and does not feel good about it, so it’s unfortunate. Definitely a bad stoppage.

Turner, on the other hand, was happy with the result, calling the KO the “cherry on top.” Green was able to recover eventually. But the KO and subsequent pounding had wobbled him quite a bit. Later though, even Turner admitted that it should have ended sooner than the 2:49 mark.

Fans are more enraged by Hatley’s role than that of Turner. The common consensus is that the referee had seen enough clobbering to warrant a stoppage sooner. But as White mentioned, Hatley himself is remorseful of the delayed response.


Dana White disses the PFL-Bellator merger as a “sh*tty” crossover

Recently the PFL acquired major controlling holds over Bellator MMA, thus merging the two entities. PFL founder Donn Davis had prompted that this would mark one of the biggest mergers in sports entertainment history, and would rival UFC’s stronghold over the scope of MMA altogether.

Dana White weighs in against PFL-Bellator merger
Dana White weighs in against the PFL-Bellator merger (Source: IMAGO/Twiter)

White, the outspoken and forthright CEO he is, remains unbothered. Time and again, he has dissed the competition, even with Davis saying that they pose a big challenge now. Following the UFC Austin card on Dec. 2, White had to once again dive into the topic at the post-fight presser. Speaking to The MMA Junkie, he said:

One sh*tty organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches, buys another sh*tty organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches. Sounds like a f*cking winner to me.

While PFL and Bellator both are prominent MMA contributors, they are usually overshadowed by White’s UFC. The promotion, in turn, entered into a successful merger itself, with WWE. Thus making the multi-billion dollar combative sport hybrid into an even bigger conglomerate.

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