“Bullsh*t”- Urijah Faber is enraged by Josh Emmett’s treatment at UFC 276

Urijah Faber was upset by Josh Emmett's treatment at UFC 276, even prompting Dana White and Hunter Campell to take action.

Urijah Faber Josh Emmett
Urijah Faber and Josh Emmett

Urijah Faber has disclosed that Josh Emmett was dissatisfied with the way he was treated at UFC 276 on Saturday and stands up for him.

Emmett is hot off a win via a split decision against Calvin Kattar at the UFC Fight Night held in Austin. Having traveled to Las Vegas to see the infamous trilogy between Volkanovski and Holloway, Emmet even hoped to leave some room in order to maneuver his way for a title bout. 

Josh Emmett is now on a five-fight winning run, and if he had been sat cage-side at this fight, he would have gotten press either before or during the fight, and an opportunity to demand a championship match against the winner. However, as revealed that wasn’t the case.

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‘Dana, I hope you see this’- Urijah Faber speaks up in support of Josh Emmett

Urijah Faber Josh Emmett
Josh and Urijah

Urijah Faber, Josh’s coach (at Team Alpha Mate), felt compelled to speak out about Josh’s mistreatment despite his popularity in the UFC and the ruined opportunity to be cage-side when Volkanovski fought Holloway, especially given his importance to the card’s co-main event.

Faber tells the press at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 2 grappling event, that, “He had a really bad experience.  He was put way back in the seating, not even with the rest of the guys and had to find his way by himself upstairs because they have peons working security that are getting paid minimum wage that are like, ‘Hey, you can’t come this way.’ 

He goes on to say, “He’s not a confrontational guy unless you’re paying him to beat someone up. He was really upset that there wasn’t more made of the fact that he’s the guy in line. I’m going to talk to Dana about it and talk to Hunter and let them know that it’s really bullsh*t.”

He even explains how Josh felt at the moment saying, “Ghosted. It’s really sad and his wife was livid, he was livid and he was just like, ‘What do I have to do to get a little bit of respect?’ So Dana, I hope you see this and understand that it’s Josh’s time.”

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