WATCH: ‘Old man past his prime’ – WWE legend Ric Flair and UFC star Michael Chandler HEATED ‘altercation’ at bar gets physical

A video of Ric Flair confronting Michael Chandler in a bar went viral on Instagram. Chandler was compared to Flair when he cut a promo in Flair's style in 2021.

WATCH: ‘Old man past his prime’ – WWE legend Ric Flair and UFC star Michael Chandler HEATED ‘altercation’ at bar gets physical

Michael Chandler and Ric Flair involved in an altercation at a bar (via Instagram)

Michael Chandler is one of the most entertaining fighters in the UFC. Likewise, Richard Morgan Fliehr, popularly known as ‘Ric Flair‘ was one of the most exciting personalities in pro wrestling. Recently, a video of their involvement in a bar altercation went viral on Instagram.


In the video, Ric Flair raised his voice on Michael Chandler and confronted him for some reason. Chandler remained calm and even apologized to resolve the issue. However, things escalated when Flair didn’t stop insulting the UFC fighter. ‘Iron’ reached his threshold point and said words that infuriated Flair. Later, Flair punched Chandler. In return, Chandler slapped the old wrestler and took him down with a takedown. Here is what he said before that:

Actually, you're a cocky old man who's past his prime and keeps on doing things...
Micahel Chandler via Instagram

This confrontation between Michael Chandler and Ric Flair heated the internet space for a while. However, the two had a playful banter, and they were on good terms. They have known each other for a while since Chandler impersonated Flair in 2021 on his UFC post-fight interview.

Ric Flair signed a deal with ‘All Elite Wrestling’ to return to the pro wrestling scene. On the other hand, Michael Chandler was to fight against Conor McGregor this year. However, it was postponed to next year for various reasons.

Throwback to the time Michael Chandler surprised the UFC with callouts in Ric Flair style

Michael Chandler dominated the Bellator scene before signing with the UFC. On his UFC debut, he faced the credited Dan Hooker. He took the world by surprise by knocking out the ‘Hangman’ in the very first round. Later, in the post-fight presentations, he called out prominent names in the UFC and cut a promo in WWE style. Likewise, he was quickly compared with the pro wrestling veteran Ric Flair.

Michael Chandler unleashes inner Ric Flair on UFC debut
Michael Chandler unleashes inner Ric Flair on UFC debut(ViaMARCA)

Ric Flair was known for his enthralling promos and eccentric personality. As such, this callout from Michael Chandler received a lot of traction from the MMA world. When he was compared to Flair for his post-fight antics, he spoke to Iron about it. Later, Chandler revealed that Flair was one of his favorite pro wrestlers.

After his debut in the UFC, Michael Chandler fought for the title against Charles Olivers. But, he failed to gain victory. Later, he fought big names like Justin Gaethje, Tony Ferguson, and Dustin Poirier. Although all the fights entertained a bloodbath, he has only tasted victory in one fight since his debut. Now, he chases another huge name, Conor McGregor, for his next fight. The fight will likely go down in 2024.

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