X-ray shows Jack Della Maddalena fought with a broken arm at UFC 299 before comeback win over Gilbert Burns

 Jack Della Maddalena showed his grit in the UFC 299 fight against Gilbert Burns. He fought with a broken arm.

X-ray shows Jack Della Maddalena fought with a broken arm at UFC 299 before comeback win over Gilbert Burns

 Jack Della Maddalena fought against Gilbert Burns with a broken arm (via Imago/X)

UFC 299 saw fights that had epic comebacks and spectacular finishes. Jack Della Maddalena had one of the best comeback victories. His spectacular victory against Gilbert Burns had an impressive backstory. An X-ray revealed the rising welterweight star fought with a broken arm.


Della Maddalena’s manager, Tim Simpson, shared the X-ray on social media. It showed a clean break in Della Maddalena’s left forearm. The injury occurred early in the bout, as per Simpson. Despite the broken bone, Della Maddalena rallied to finish Gilbert Burns

After the fight, Della Maddalena acknowledged an issue with the arm. The Florida Athletic Commission then suspended him indefinitely pending clearance for the broken arm. Jack Della Maddalena’s performance solidified his status as a rising welterweight contender. With the comeback win over Burns, he soared from #11 to #5 in the rankings.

The Dana White’s Contender Series graduate has finished six of eight UFC wins. He remains undefeated in the UFC and is riding an 8-fight win streak. His ability to prevail despite a broken forearm showcased incredible toughness. Della Maddalena’s stock will surely keep rising. His UFC 299 showing proved he possessed championship material.


Jack Della Maddalena rallies in the third round after losing the first two against Gilbert Burns

Jack Della Maddalena scored a huge comeback win at UFC 299. The Australian welterweight rallied to stop Gilbert Burns in the third round. Della Maddalena was likely down on the scorecards for the first two rounds. Burns had controlled the grappling and appeared headed for a decision victory. However, Della Maddalena refused to let this golden opportunity slip away. He remained composed and seized his moment when it presented itself. 

Jack Della Maddalena defeats Gilbert Burns in Round 3 with a broken arm, the X-ray showed
Jack Della Maddalena defeats Gilbert Burns in Round 3 (via Sporting News)

Della Maddalena reversed position on the mat early in the third round. Burns attempted to stand, but the 27-year-old took his winning shot. He landed a perfect knee to Burns’ face. It immediately rocked the Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist and changed the course of the fight. Della Maddalena pounced with a furious follow-up barrage of punches and elbows on the ground. He unloaded with relentless aggression until the referee mercifully intervened at 3:43.

The undefeated fighter in the UFC wasted little time after the fight. He promptly called for a title elimination bout against another undefeated welterweight prospect, Shavkat Rakhmonov. Rakhmonov boasts a 100% finish rate in the UFC and is riding a six-fight win streak. The fight between these rising prospects will sell the entire stadium and will have huge implications for the welterweight division.

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