“I don’t have 50 dollars to spare,” Norma Dumont opens up about her financial situation ahead of her fight at UFC Vegas 40

Norma Dumont reveals she is fighting at UFC Vegas 40 for survival as she doesn't have enough money left in her bank account.

Norma Dumont
Norma Dumont

The UFC Bantamweight fighter, Norma Dumont is going to headline the first-ever main event of her UFC career against the number 3rd ranked women’s Bantamweight fighter, Aspen Ladd at UFC Vegas 40, and according to her the timing for this fight could not have been better.

Over the past couple of months, many UFC fighters openly accepted the financial struggles they are facing even after fighting for the biggest MMA promotion in the world. In her recent interview with Combate, Norma Dumont also revealed that she has very little or no money left in her bank account and she is fighting to survive at UFC Vegas 40.

Dumont says, “I’m fighting to survive, to live, to pay the rent, my bills. That’s what some people don’t understand. I’ve never had a good financial situation. I’ve always been hustling. People who are close to me know it. People think that because I’m in the UFC, in Vegas, I must be swimming in money.”

“Ever since we’ve moved here, we’ve been doing food deliveries, now Johnny (Vieira, Norma’s coach) is working at the gym, but he doesn’t earn a lot, it’s enough to pay the rent. I have some support to cover food and supplements, but that’s the minimum.”

Norma Dumont continued, “If I show you what I have in the bank, I don’t have 50 dollars to spare. No lie, it’s the truth. My manager helps me a lot, otherwise, I would have returned to Brazil already. This is not a problem for me though, it’s fuel. I have to do my job.” {h/t BloodyElbow}

Norma Dumont suggests UFC should pay a monthly payment to fighters who can’t compete regularly

Aspen Ladd and Norma Dumont
Aspen Ladd and Norma Dumont

Norma Dumont has left Brazil and now she is living in the US to dedicate herself completely to combat sports and now she understands it better than how hard is the life of a UFC fighter is when it comes to financial expenses.

Dumont added, “When I lived in Brazil, I didn’t think that UFC fighters were paid badly. I thought it was good because I would convert it (to reais). But it’s hard for those who live in the U.S. because our expenses are also in dollars. It’s not a monthly thing, too. We get paid every four months or so if you’re an active fighter. If you get injured, you’re f—ked.”

“You don’t know when you’re coming back to the cage. I think it would be nice if the UFC would pay a minimum monthly wage of three or five thousand dollars. Then when a person fights, they would make what they already make today. Then you can survive for a few months and when you get the fight money, you can actually earn some money.”

In the end, she concluded by saying that she hopes to get a better contract when this one ends, Norma Dumont concluded, “Maybe it can get better when I renew my contract. The amount is really low in your first UFC contract. If you’re in Brazil saying we have no reason to complain, come to the U.S. and see you would not last three months here with your first UFC check. It’s the reality.”

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