“Nothing to do with respect”- Ali Abdelaziz clears the air about setting up a fight between Israel Adesanya and Kamaru Usman

Head coach believes Israel Adesanya respects Kamaru Usman and they might not fight, while Ali Abdelaziz claims it has nothing to do with respect.

Ali Abdelaziz on Kamaru Usman vs Israel Adesanya
Ali Abdelaziz on Kamaru Usman vs Israel Adesanya

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya has a big test ahead of him in his fourth title defense against preceding champion Robert Whittaker in a much-awaited, fans-wanted rematch at UFC 271. However, Adesanya’s possibility of fighting opponents out of the middleweight division never stops, it’s always fancy to see how far can Adesanya achieve with the class of striking he is. It is because of such fancying that Adesanya, though he lost, got his shot to challenge for the UFC light-heavyweight title back at UFC 259.

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In an interview with Submission Radio, Adesanya’s head coach as well as City Kickboxing‘s head coach Eugene Bareman talked about this super-fight. He is aware of the friendly relationship between Adesanya and Usman and he doesn’t see them competing anytime soon.

“So Israel and Kamaru are friends, respectfully I’ll never talk about them, fighting Israel as already said they won’t fight since they’re good friends,” says Bareman “I know a little bit about their relationship and just that’s like I said, out of respect, I’m not even gonna talk about that or contemplate it just in the same way that Kamaru and Israel don’t and no one and my team would…

Ali Abdelaziz is pushing for a super-fight between Israel Adesanya and Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman Israel Adesanya
Kamaru Usman vs Israel Adesanya

Ali Abdelaziz has been pushing this fight for a long time, he believes these two are friends, but for the right amount of money they would absolutely take each other’s head off. Talking about Usman’s future, Ali said, “I want him to go fight Israel Adesanya. If they have enough money they will fight in the parking lot. I know how people work. This has nothing to do with loyalties … because these guys [are] not like they [are] training partners, brothers.”

Ali took notice of Eugene Bareman’s statement, and he addressed it in a deleted tweet, he claimed the fight between these has “nothing to do with respect.” Adesanya is set to defend his belt against Whittaker, and if he can beat him again, then maybe we can see him compete against Usman in the near future.

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