Paddy Pimblett’s bold speech at UFC London creates spike in number of men seeking mental health help

Paddy Pimblett’s bold speech at UFC London creates spike in number of men seeking mental health help

Paddy Pimblett at UFC London

Paddy Pimblett is very self-aware about the star power he has. The UK fighter recently used his big platform to spread a very important message and society already seems to have reaped its benefits from it. Paddy The Baddy Pimblett went on a rant about men’s mental health and the taboos surrounding it during his interview at UFC London.


Not only did Paddy Pimblett steal the show with his amazing performance inside the octagon at UFC London at the O2 Arena but he also gave a heavy-hearted message about his friend who committed suicide the day before Paddy’s fight. In the post-fight octagon interview, Paddy spoke out about mental health and the importance of seeking help from professionals.

In a recent interview with the ANDYMANSCLUB, Yorkshire Evening Post found out that Paddy’s speech impacted several around that region which pushed men to seek mental health help. The news outlet reached out to Andy Wilson, a facilitator of the mental health’s club, and also a mental health consultant named Pete White who appreciated Paddy’s speech.

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“He did exactly what is needed” – Mental health consultant praises Paddy Pimblett for his interview

Paddy Pimblett
Paddy Pimblett gets emotional during the Octagon interview after winning at UFC London

In an interview with Andy Wilson, the Leeds and Castleford facilitator praised and appreciated Paddy for choosing a platform as big as the UFC stage to spread awareness about men’s mental health and break the stigma. “Across both of the Leeds and Castleford groups we have 69 and 39 who attended respectively,” said Andy. In both the places respectively there has been a spike of 10 and 9 new members.

“The interview with Paddy Pimblett following his fight at the weekend can only have helped raise awareness on how important is for people to open up and talk.” A psychotherapist also told Yorkshire Evening Post, “Paddy did exactly what needs to be done and transformed into simple terms – just start talking.”

Pete White, a mental health consultant also said, “People expected Paddy to give the usual post-fight victory speech but he delivered an incredibly powerful and vulnerable message.” Paddy is a huge star and has shown the kind of change he can bring into society. This only just speaks to the changes we can bring into society if people used the platforms they were provided with.

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