‘Ply the gun out of his hands’- Kevin Holland details how he subdued a shooter with a rear-naked choke

Kevin Holland dives into the details of why he did what he did to apprehend the shooter without anyone getting in harm's way.

Kevin Holland
Kevin Holland lives in Gotham?

Kevin Holland who is a Middleweight contender in the UFC discusses in detail how he recently went on to save the day and also might have saved a life or two, showing some heart outside the octagon.

It’s always good to hear a UFC fighter applying his skills to save the day rather than to pick some random bar brawl to go crazy in. Kevin recently who was chillin’ and having some sushi at a bar in Huston was faced with a sudden hostage situation. What he did next was nothing less heroic.

Holland says that he thought there was some ‘Champagne‘ popping as there was also a birthday party going on but then he noticed people scurrying out of there with the look of ‘Death‘ on their face, which is when he realized that there’s something going down.

Kevin says that he took a peek and saw two men fighting for the gun after which he moved to the opposite direction in which the gun was pointing towards and sneaked up behind the man. Kevin said that he was about to ‘Smack a chair’ on the guy’s head but wasn’t too sure about who the shooter was. After noticing that the guy on top wasn’t the shooter, Holland jumped in and ‘Plied the gun’ out of his hands, pulled him into his lap and got the hooks in, and put the shooter to sleep with a rear-naked choke.

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‘Props to him’ Kevin Holland on the guy who took the shooter down; talks about gun safety and why he jumped into the mix

Kevin Holland Alex Oliveira
Kevin Holland shows thumbs up while in a choke

When Kevin noticed two men fighting for the gun, he wasn’t sure as to who the shooter was. On close inspection, he saw one man trying to deflect the gun by pointing it towards one side. Holland acted with a presence of mind as he knew a little bit about gun safety, says that even though the man who deflected the shooter, he made a small mistake.

Holland says that the gun should be facing upwards or downwards and not one side or the other. When he noticed that the gun was pointed towards his side of the restaurant while the two battled it out, that’s when he knew he had to go save the day as anyone else could’ve been ‘Popped‘. He also added that he saved the day as he loves ‘Batman‘.

Kevin Holland is coming off of a win currently against ‘Cowboy’ Olivera at UFC 272 after he made the move down to Welterweight from Middleweight. We are eager to see who the ‘Street Batman’ fights next.

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