How did Petr Yan lose the UFC belt to Aljamain Sterling?

Check out the reason how current bantamweight champion Aljamin Sterling won the belt against the former champ Petr Yan

How did Petr Yan lose the UFC belt to Aljamain Sterling?

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The UFC bantamweight champ, Aljamain Sterling, is going to compete against Henry Cejudo, who is coming out of retirement. After defeating Petr Yan, Aljamain Sterling has already defended the belt two times, and this will be the third occasion when he will be trying to defend the title against someone who vacated it in 2020. But how the current champ got the UFC title is an interesting story.


Many fans already know how Aljamain Sterling got the victory when he defeated Petr Yan for the UFC title. But not the way Aljamain and MMA fans wanted the fight to end, especially the championship fight. It was one of those fights where both fighters were winning in the minds of many experts.

After the win, Sterling said, “I thought the fight was very close, I thought I was down two rounds. That’s not the way I wanted to win. That’s not the way I envisioned this. I just took the belt off. I was trying to continue even being like that, I was in a bad shape and it would just have been ego taking over and just to get further punishment. The ref told me I was down. I don’t know. I understand that there is some heat, some bad blood a little bit, but it’s all rivalry…”

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UFC 259: When Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan colided

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On UFC 259, when Aljamain Sterling challenged Petr Yan for the championship, Aljmain became the first man in UFC history to win the championship due to the disqualification. The fight going in Petr Yan’s favor suddenly takes a shocking turn in Aljamain Sterling’s favor.

The first round went off with an aggressive start, as Sterling landed a sharp kick to the body of Yan. Sterling was playing a dodge-hit game while Yan was trying to grapple. Yan also connected with a body kick. After searching for a hit point, Yan gave a quick right jab. On the other hand, Sterling was pushing Yan away with kicks. But at last, after 10 seconds, both fighters went berserk with punches.

The second and third rounds were about dodges and punches as both fighters raised their speed. This time, Sterling gave a lot of jabs, and Yan was also doing damage with his left hand as he was about to throw the punch. This time Sterling was trying to reduce the stamina of Yan and was constantly trying to clinch. Yan got the takedown in the 2nd round, which forced Sterling to keep him busy in the 3rd round. In both rounds, Yan showed pure class in his takedowns.

Decision round where the champ Aljamain Sterling got the shocking victory

Petr Yan Illegal knee to UFC Champ Aljamain Sterling
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Sterling Corner thought they were ahead of Yan, but out of three judges, Petr Yan was winning against Sterling. As both fighters start the round with kicks, Sterling’s kick is caught by Yan, and Yan gets the takedown. Yan was giving chopping kicks that were not doing that much good damage, but when Sterling tried to get him, he received a good knee to the body.


Yan gave a hard punch that got Sterling blinking, and it looked like Yan was winning this round as he secured many points. Sterling this time, tried to get the knee to the head by Petr Yan. It was evident that Yan threw a disqualifying blow. Mark Smith told him not to throw the blows like that, but he couldn’t find the space and gave the wrong blow.

Sterling was declared the winner via disqualification. It was the bad luck of the former champ, as he lost his belt like forever because he couldn’t maintain a secure winning streak. After getting the belt, Sterling was more prepared, was more dominant, and won the second fight against Petr Yan too. Aftermath: Sterling’s winning streak continued; now he will compete against Henry Cejudo, but Petr Yan secured only one win from five fights.

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