UFC Vegas 10: Roxanne Modafferi earns a hard-fought victory against Andrea Lee

Roxanne Modafferi uses her experience to beat Andrea Lee in the re-match via unanimous decision at UFC Vegas 10

Roxanne Modafferi registers her 2nd win of 2020 by beating Andrea Lee at UFC Vegas 10

A contest of two fighters showing admirable respect towards each other before heading to the octagon. Both fought hard before Roxanne Modafferi defeated Andrea Lee via unanimous decision at UFC Vegas 10. 

Roxanne Modafferi vs Andrea Lee- As it happened 

Both fighters seemed utterly concentrated and calm before the fight. The fight started with Lee throwing jabs and leg kicks at Modafferi. Lee pulled off couple of devastating elbows on the face of Modafferi in the first round which seemed quite painful. Modafferi countered by a takedown but seemed to not act on that for quite some time. But when she did, she struck a couple of elbows on the back of Lee. As the round got to a close, it seemed close. 

The second round starting, Lee started off aggressively again whereas Modafferi kept dodging her kicks and jabs. But time and again Lee gave the freedom to Modafferi to counter back with her punches and jabs. Nobody seemed to have taken control of the fight midway through the second round. The key for Modafferi was her continuous movement, helping her to manoeuvre ever so well. But Andrea Lee punched which were connecting seemed to be hurting Modafferi, Big time! But she was not able to end the fight as Modafferi significantly completed a takedown. 

The last round was assumed to contain all the missing essence to finish off this fight for either one of them. Modafferi seemed to give her all in the last round. But when the fight was so close, Modafferi came with a take down late in the fight but Lee somehow stood up. As the clock timed out, Modafferi had more takedown whereas Lee has more significant strikes. 

The judges scored the fight 29-28 each in the favor of Roxanne Modafferi. 

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