UFC Vegas 32 (Co-Main event): Raulian Paiva turned tides to earn the amazing victory over Kyler Phillips

Raulian Paiva made a massive comeback after round number one to secure the unanimous decision victory over Kyler Phillips in a bantamweight contest at UFC Vegas 32.

Raulian Paiva at UFC Vegas 32
Raulian Paiva at UFC Vegas 32
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The bantamweight contest between Raulian Paiva (20-3 MMA, 2-2 UFC) and Kyler Phillips (9-1 MMA, 3-0 UFC) was an absolute war, both of these fighters threw big strikes, and the constant back-and-forth between these two made it a crazy fight, but Raulian Paiva fought through adversities to earn the victory.

Round 1: Paiva got blasted by Kyler just as the round started. Kyler was relentless in his approach and dropped Paiva with a massive right, Paiva recollected himself but Kyler kept on moving forward and maintained a crazy pace. Kyler was moving well and finding his strikes, he hurt Paiva twice and almost stopped him just as the round was ending, an excellent addition to the main card of UFC Vegas 32.

Round 2: Kyler was looking to finish the fight as Paiva was still hurt from that first round, he moved in-and-out trying to land the kill shot but Paiva landed a right of his own and dropped Kyler, Kyler was hurt and he was trying to defend himself, he recollected himself and the fight went on. Both of the fighters were extremely tired and secured takedowns to try and win the round.

Raulian Paiva made an amazing comeback to earn the victory over Kyler Phillips at UFC Vegas 32

Round 3: Both of these fighters were extremely tired by round number 3, they were loading on their punches and fans were in for a treat with this one. Kyler was now moving back and Paiva was walking him down and landing some big punches. Kyler landed a big punch but Paiva ate it and unleashed a flurry of his own. Kyler went for a takedown but Paiva reversed positions and finished the round strong.

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