Ketlen Vieira spoils Holly Holm’s comeback in a close and contentious fight at the main event of UFC Vegas 45

The fight takes place in the women's bantamweight division and is the main event of this fight card.

Ketlen Vieira at UFC Vegas 55
Ketlen Vieira at UFC Vegas 55

At UFC Vegas 55, women’s bantamweight Holly Holm has been put to an upset after her opponent Ketlen Vieira has been able to secure a victory over her, which also means Vieira secured victory over another former UFC champion. Holm was #2 going into the fight and Vieira was #5, the victory must be getting her the title shot now, but let’s see how the division plays out. Read the narration below to see how surprising the results of the fight were.

Round 1: Vieira starts with a low kick. Holm returns with a heavy leg kick. Another leg kick from Vieira. Vieira is looking for an opening for her combo of punches. Cage side wrestling now. Vieira almost gets Holm in a sweep but the latter is good in defense. Cage side wrestling again and Holm has pressed Vieira across the cage. Holm is landing some close-ended punches.

Holm is putting immense pressure to not let Vieira back away from the cage. Vieira lands some vicious palm strikes in the clinch. Holm returns with her shots. Vieira lands some knees. Vieira goes for another judo sweep but fails another time. The round ends. FirstSportz has it 10-9 Holm.

Round 2: Holm is landing lead leg shots both at leg and body. Vieira returns with a kick from the rear side. Vieira rushes in for some shots but Holm maintains her distance. Another couple of leg kicks for Holm. Holm avoids counterattack from Vieira. Vieira throws a huge right hand. Vieira catches Holm rushing in for strikes and performs a successful judo throw.

Holm manages to get back to standing with the help of the cage. Holm goes for a lead leg head kick. Holm goes for a single leg takedown. But in the pursuit, Holm gets caught in a nearly successful standing rear-naked choke before she escapes. Another cage side wrestling moment and Holm putting pressure again. Huge left elbows by Holm in the clinch. Round ends. A 10-10 even.

Round 3: Vieira lands a nice straight. Holm is doing good work with her lead leg attacks so far but Vieira lands some inside kicks as well. Vieira lands a good right hand in the midst of Holm rushing for a blitz of attacks. Holm gets Vieira back to cage side wrestling and the former is winning the battle of putting more pressure with great head positioning. The fight gets back to distance. Lead kick attacks to the body for Holm. A rear-side head kick from Holm.

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UFC Vegas 55: Holly Holm did her game but Ketlen Vieira’s counter striking gave judges the heavier impression

UFC Vegas 55: Holly Holm vs Ketlen Vieira
UFC Vegas 55: Holly Holm vs Ketlen Vieira

Vieira throws a lighting fast cross. Cage side engagement was obviously initiated by Holm again. Vieira lands some knees and Holm returns with some close-range punches. Almost 8 minutes of clinch control time so far for Holm. Both women separate and while closing the gap again, Vieira lands a huge hook on Holly’s face. The round ends whilst grappling. Round ends. FirstSportz scores it a close 10-9 Holm.

Round 4: Vieira and Holm exchange light attacks. Vieira again catches Holm with her own shots as the former catches the latter in blitz again. This goes on again. Holm trying to look for a setup. Holm is using her lead leg sidekick. She gets Vieira in a body kick knockdown followed by another body kick.

Holm closes the distance again to the cage, the fight gets back in striking range again. A very competitive round. A counterattack by Vieira. Nice kick to the body by Holm. Holm seems much slower than in the early rounds of the fight. The round ends. Another close 10-9 for Holm.

Round 5: Vieira lands a head kick using some feints. Spinning elbow from Vieira. Now the fight gets in some grappling again. Sidekick to the body is money for Holm to get her points. Vieira has got to break the clinch that she has now got herself into. The fight gets back to a striking, a little bit of exchange, and again cage-side wrestling. A good teep kick to the face by Holm, another one as the grappling exchanges break.

An uppercut from Vieira as Holm came for another blitz of strikes. A single leg takedown attempt from Holm gets Vieira back to the cage. Almost 10 minutes of clinch control time for Holm. Some teep kicks again for Holm. Both women tried to take each other down and both defended but the fight ends up where Holm wants it, the cage side. The round ends. The fight ends. Another round for Holm is 10-9.

Official Results: Ketlen Vieira defeated Holly Holm via a split decision [48-47 x 2, 47-48]

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