UFC: Video of Joshua Fabia chasing fighters with a blade goes viral

Remember Joshua Fabia and his story of running around with a blade in the octagon? Here is a proof of it

Diego Sanchez (left) and Joshua Fabia (right)

Joshua Fabia is the founder of the School of Self-Awareness. The man has no MMA training experience whom UFC veteran Diego Sanchez put his complete trust in after leaving Jackson Wink MMA. 

Joshua Fabia’s video clip running with a blade 

UFC welterweight Emil Meek sharing an anecdote of his experience training with Sanchez and Fabia and being chased by Fabia with a “real, sharp blade” inside a locked cage. Here is a proof of that with a video clip the fighter posted on his Twitter handle.

As MMA Junkie Radio host “Gorgeous” George said in our group chat after seeing this, “Most fighters are willing to take a stab at changing their training, but I don’t think this program is gonna stick.” 

Fabia recently has assumed the role of trainer and manager for Sanchez. The longtime Jackson Wink MMA fighter and winner of “The Ultimate Fighter 1.” He has been in the New Mexican’s corner for each of his past fights. 

Fabia trained Sanchez for his most recent fight in February, against Michel Pereira. Which resulted in a disqualification win for Sanchez after an illegal knee. It was around this time that some bizarre stories about Fabia started to surface. Including the fact that he taught Sanchez an apparent death choke prior to UFC 239. He even warned commission officials to be on the lookout during his fight with Michael Chiesa.

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