“Wanted the doctor to stop it,” Rafael Dos Anjos absolutely surprised by Renato Moicano’s toughness in UFC 272 showdown

Dos Anjos is now 31-13 in his overall MMA career but, despite a loss, Moicano still has plenty of years left.

Michael Bisping on Renato Moicano
Rafael dos Anjos vs Renato Moicano UFC 272

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael Dos Anjos is never in doubt about how better he can get and how he can also become a champion once again someday. In fact, he must have been more confident about his position in title contention after a dominant, five-round, favourably lopsided victory over the late replacement opponent in Renato Moicano at UFC 272. Moicano, regardless of taking the fight on short notice, didn’t disappoint anybody, instead, might have expanded his fan base altogether after showing the courage to endure all storms for 25-long minutes.

Rafael Dos Anjos
Rafael Dos Anjos

Dos Anjos now looks up to fight some legendary names in his future as he is in the final run for his pursuit of a title. Dos Anjos was originally supposed to fight Rafael Fiziev at UFC 272 co-main event, but Fiziev got unfortunately caught with Covid at the onset of the fight week. Regardless, Dos Anjos wished that had UFC Megastar Jorge Masvidal won the main event, he could maybe get a shot at Masvidal’s BMF belt, but now, the former champion is also open to settling some bad blood against another UFC megastar in Conor McGregor.

Rafael Dos Anjos affirms he wanted to finish Renato Moicano fight

Rafael Dos Anjos attended the post-fight press conference of UFC 272 to answer some media questions and turns out the former champion was all a well wishes for his opponent in Renato Moicano. Based on Moicano’s physical condition deteriorating in later rounds, Dos Anjos said “I thought man, I really wanted the doctor to stop it but they did not but you know I gotta do what I gotta do. Unfortunately, I was you know, I was trying to finish the fight. But the guy is tough as a nail.[h/t SportsKeeda].”

“Could’ve been stopped but he came back” Dana White on Renato Moicano’s grit

Renato Moicano-Dana White
Renato Moicano-Dana White

Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White also gave an update on Moicano’s condition as well as his reaction to letting the fight go to the distance. “We’ll make sure he gets triple checked, take care of him,” said White.

“It could’ve been stopped a couple of times,” White said. “It’s just that Moicano is one of those guys that’s so tough. It could’ve been stopped and then at the end of the fifth round he started coming on. RDA was probably happy there wasn’t one more round of that fight.” [h/t MMA Junkie]

What do you make of Dos Anjos and President White’s reaction to Moicano’s durability as a fighter? A fighter’s will to stand and trade offence whilst taking the punishment him or herself is something that cannot be taught. This was one memorable night when the future talks about Moicano’s legacy as a fighter, a truly commendable character. What do you think is next for both Dos Anjos and Moicano in their respective careers?

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