WATCH! Paddy Pimblett and Ilia Topuria get into a nearly full-blown fistfight at UFC Fight Night London fight week

Pimblett is 17-3 in his overall MMA record with 13 finishes and Topuria is 11-0 undefeated with 10 wins via finishes.

Paddy Pimblett- Ilia Topuria
Paddy Pimblett- Ilia Topuria

UFC Lightweight Paddy Pimblett and featherweight Ilia Topuria might be the new duo of a similar relationship like that between Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards, had the men not intervened to stop an all-out brawl between both the fighters. Pimblett, who’s one of the most promising prospects for future champions and megastars of the UFC, is going to have his second UFC fight in front of his home crowd this weekend at UFC Fight Night London in the fight before the co-main event.

Paddy Pimblett
Paddy Pimblett

Pimblett is going to face fellow lightweight Rodrigo Vargas. On the same card, there is a featherweight bout between undefeated Spanish prospect Ilia Topuria and Jai Herbert. Topuria is coming off a spectacular finish and perhaps the biggest victory when he knocked out fellow featherweight and BJJ specialist Ryan Hall. Meanwhile, his second opponent seems to be Pimblett, but only outside the cage.

Paddy Pimblett and Ilia Topuria confront each other after a year of online beef over a controversial joke

Ilia Topuria - FirstSportz
Ilia Topuria

In a video shared via Topuria’s social media handles, Pimblett and Topuria can be seen getting into a physical altercation where Pimblett throws a sanitiser bottle at Topuria’s head and Topuria tries to punch Pimblett that is defended by the latter. On their way to getting separated, Pimblett tries to approach Topuria and his team while Topuria is being held and taken away from Pimblett, you can also hear Topuria shouting “F**k you b**ch!” while Pimblett affirms he is ready to take on Topuria and his team.

In the caption of the video shared, Topuria says “I warned you! This is what happens when you disrespect me and my country! You saw me and wanted to greet me because you shit your pants… and you should thank my team because of it wasn’t for them separating me, I would have taken your head off. @theufcbaddy [middle finger emoji]”

Pimblett took no time and let Topuria know of his thoughts about the altercation whilst quoting Topuria’s post itself. Pimblett said, “Imagine trying to jump someone on their own with 5 of your boys & you don’t land a single shot & get a bottle of hand sanitiser bounced off your head [laughing emojis] you little [clown and mushroom emojis] don’t try to act big like you did something when you [sh*t emoji] your pants pretending ur boys was holding u back [laughing emojis] p**sy.

What do you make of this rather unexpected altercation between Pimblett and Topuria? As per multiple sources, Pimblett and Topuria have been beefing each other for about a year and what triggered Topuria was one of Pimblett’s jokes about the Russo-Georgian war that killed many innocents including some of Topuria’s family members as well, Pimblett later apologised for the comments back then.

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