Victor Wembanyama reveals prospects and other stars offered to jump ship and form super team

The San Antonio Spurs will look to build up a team around Victor Wembanyama and contend for championships.

Victor Wembanyama reveals prospects and other stars offered to jump ship and form super team

Victor Wembanyama revealed many players have texted him about joining up for a super team to contend for championships

With Victor Wembanyama finishing his rookie season in the NBA, many fans, players, and analysts are waiting to see what he does in the coming years. His performances this season were great enough to confirm the hype he generated even before stepping into the league. So much so that he revealed that other players want to team up with the phenom to form super teams.

With the season over, Victor Wembanyama sat down as a guest on the Ringer NBA podcast to talk about his first season in the USA. During the round of questions, host Kevin O’Connor asked the rookie if any players talked to him about creating a super team.

Yeah, I've received some messages. Even from like prospects, you know. But I try to sustain my role. It's a whole new world that I'm eager to discover. But for sure one day or the other I have to be involved in this, I guess.
Victor Wembanyama said

This confirms the fact that many players and prospects see Wembanyama as an elite piece in a championship fight. They want to team up so that his unique skills can be put to use for winning titles.

The entire basketball world knows that Wembanyama has skills that are unheard of. Scoring, rebounding, defense, and playmaking are all there but also are the 7′ 4″ height and the almost 8-foot wingspan. Add to that his elite basketball IQ and his competitiveness to improve his game.

Which player would not want to team up with a player like that? The French phenom will simply make it easier for his teammates to ride his skills to championships. He admitted that he might have to think about the super team lines in the future.

Victor Wembanyama wants to win titles

The French phenom did not come into the NBA to be the best player on a team while scrapping to stay out of the bottom. That was the scenario with the San Antonio Spurs this year. They improved enough towards the end to not be the worst team in the league. However, the superstar wants to contend for championships in the future.

The goal for me in my life is to accomplish myself and to be a complete human being. I’m free to do what I want and what I need to do, and there’s nothing that is going to stop me from doing so.
Victor Wembanyama added

For that, if the situation demands it, he is open to creating a super team. After all, the skills he brings to the game are unique enough that he knows he can push himself into the GOAT conversation. However, to compete with the GOATs, he needs titles. Therefore, if the San Antonio Spurs cannot get enough quality players through the draft, it is possible he will look for superstars who would sign with them.

If that happens, chances are fans will be seeing Victor Wembanyama often in the mix for the titles as well as individual awards. How the next couple of seasons pans out will show which direction the superstar goes.

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