What is Free Fire Value pack event, here is all you need to know

Free Fire Value pack event went live today and will run in the game till 21st November,2021. Players can choose any one of the reward from the 6 categories.

What is Free Fire Value pack event, here is all you need to know
Free Fire Value pack event

Garena Free Fire always brings something unique for its player base with new events, costume bundles and weapon skins. This article discusses about the recently launched Free Fire Value pack event where players can customise their own bundles for a fixed price.

A plethora of cosmetics can be found in this battle-royale game. With a variety of options, it is often hard to choose a specific bundle and buy it after spending diamonds. Therefore, Garena has brought the Free Fire Value pack event where players can choose their own rewards and pay a fixed price of diamonds for all the different category of rewards including an Elite Pass. This event is mostly based on luck depending on the card that players obtain.

Let us now take a look at the way by which players can purchase the Free Fire Value pack event.

Free Fire Value pack event

What is Free Fire Value pack event, here is all you need to know
Choose any one card

Free Fire is currently bringing in a lot of rewards so that players can have a variety of outfits and other accessories in their vault. It has also kept in mind to cater to the needs of every player and offer the rewards at low diamonds. Free Fire Value pack event went live in the game today and will run til 21st November,2021. Players can get up to 90+% off in this event.

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Here are the details to purchase the value pack:

STEP 1: Choose any one card from the three cards given. This will determine the fixed price of your value pack.

STEP 2: There are 6 category of rewards ranging from pets, parachute skins and other accessories. Choose one from each category to customize your value pack.

STEP 3: After choosing the six rewards, click on buy and purchase your value pack with the help of diamonds.

If players choose the 499 card, they can choose from the following rewards and customize their Free Fire Value Pack

What is Free Fire Value pack event, here is all you need to know
Chose any reward from 6 categories

Category 1

  • Elite Pass card
  • Fury Senior Bundle
  • Blue Phoenix
  • Summer Holidays Bundle
  • Annihilator Bundle
  • Frenzy Junior Bundle

Category 2

  • Dreki
  • Moony
  • Spirit Fox
  • Petskin Zapping Dreki
  • Petskin: Gamer Moony
  • Pet Skin: Valentine’s Fox

Category 3

  • Threaten emote
  • Fancy Hands emote
  • Arm wave emote
  • Mystic Fox backpack
  • Bunny Guitarbag
  • Time Bender

Category 4

  • Feather Bomb
  • Manly Cologne
  • Ice Bomb
  • Pan- Watermelon
  • Golden Blade
  • The Viking

Category 5

  • Vampiric
  • Kill Crate
  • Wasteland Survivor
  • Deaht’s Ride
  • Wasteland Frontier
  • Blood Reigning

Category 6

  • Blue Flame Draco Token Crate
  • Green Flame Draco Token Crate
  • Megaloon Alpha Token Crate
  • Earth M4A1 Crate
  • Mr. Nutcracker MP5 Crate
  • Top Gamer Scar Crate

Choose any one reward from the six categories and click on buy for the successful purchase of your customized Free Fire Value Pack.

How to access the event?

  • Open the Free Fire app and then head over to the Calendar section of the game present on the right side.
  • Open the “News” tab on the top and then click on the “Value Pack” tab on the left.
  • Tap on Go To and you can customize you pack.

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