Which country has won most medals in Winter Olympics?

Which country has won most medals in Winter Olympics?

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics, which started in 1924, much like its summer counterpart are the pinnacle of snow and ice sports. The Games originally started with five sports, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, Nordic skiing and skating, which were broken into nine disciplines. The 24th Winter Olympic Games will feature 15 sports.

Over time, numerous countries have found success at the pinnacle of sports, the Olympic Games. And the battle for supremacy among the nations continues to give the fans across the globe the thrill of watching the best in the world fight it out. Ahead of the 24th Winter Olympics, let’s take a look at the most successful country in the history of the Winter Olympics.


Country with most medals in Winter Olympics

most medals in Winter Olympics
Winter Olympics

Traditionally, countries from northern Europe have dominated the podiums and it is no surprise that Norway leads the way. The European nation leads the chart with 132 gold medals. The Norwegians also lead when it comes to total medals with a whooping 368 medals to their name. Norway is the only nation to have won more than 100 medals of each kind, 125 silver and 111 bronze to go with the gold medals.

Second on the list is the United States with 307 medals in total. They are the only other nation to have nagged more than 100 gold medals as their tally stands at 105. The US boasts 113 silver medals and 89 bronze as they take up the second spot on the all-time list. It is followed by Germany (240), the now disbanded Soviet Union (194) and Canada (200).

All-time medal table of Winter Olympics

1Norway (NOR)132125111368
2United States (USA)10511389307
3Germany (GER)938760240
4Soviet Union (URS)785759194
5Canada (CAN)746462200
6Austria (AUT)648187232
7Sweden (SWE)614856161
8Switzerland (SUI)554652153
9Russia (RUS)473835120
10Netherlands (NED)454441130
11Finland (FIN)446361168
12Italy (ITA)403648124
13East Germany (GDR)393635110
14France (FRA)363553124
15South Korea (KOR)31251470
16Japan (JPN)14222258
17China (CHN)13282162
18West Germany (FRG)11151339
19Great Britain (GBR)1141631
20Czech Republic (CZE)9111131

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