Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite: Effects and uses for the item!

The Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite are a great item for the Pokemons which has a Special Attack stat in the game!

Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite
Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite (image via. dotesports.com)

Pokemon Unite is the latest MOBA to arrive and features a ton of items that the players can enhance their Pokemons with. Here is the Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite and we discuss in complete detail, the effects of this item!

Items play a major role in the game as they can be put on a Pokemon to increase its stats for the game. These are changeable and players can mix and match various items together to find the strongest combo possible for the particular Pokemon. They can even be upgraded in-game to enhance their effects and increase the bonuses they provide.

Here is a detailed guide on the Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite!

Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite

Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite
Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite

Wise Glasses are one of the best items in the game for Pokemons who depend on the Special Attack stat to deal damage.

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Since they are the most effective for Sp.Atk. Stat, it will be used best on Pokemons such as Pikachu, Gengar, Gardevoir or Gengar. They rely on their abilities to deal damage and will be great with this item.

It can be paired together with items like Choice Specs to give a greater boost to Sp. Attack stat.

How to get Wise Glasses?

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Players can find the items in the in-game Aeos Emporium in the Item section. All the items are available to be bought from this section. Therefore, players do not need to spend real money to buy these.

The in-game cost for the items is a 1000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets. Both of these currency, can be obtained by completing battles, daily missions or events.

Wise Glasses: Effects

Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite
Wise Glasses in Pokemon Unite

This item will increase the Sp. Atk. damage by a certain flat percent when used on a Pokemon. The in-game text reads, “Increases Sp. Atk. by (3/5/7) %”.

They can be similarly levelled up using Item Enchancers to increase the effectiveness of the item. The stat change for the item is:

  • Level 1: Sp. Atk. +20
  • Level 2: Sp. Atk. +30
  • Level 3: Sp. Atk. +40

Once the item has been levelled up till 30, players will get a 40 flat increase in Special Attack stat of the Pokemon.

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