World Athletics to allow new ‘innovative’ formats at the Tokyo Olympics

The governing body for athletics published a statement after which new formats can be added to Olympics next year. The new changes could also see criticism from athletes as they have complained about the new changes.


World Athletics paves way for new ‘innovative’ formats at the World Championships or the Tokyo Olympics after it published a statement on the 2020 guide for changes in rules and regulations in World competitions.

According to the latest statement, new formats could be introduced in World Athletics Championship or the Tokyo Olympics.

World Championships and Olympic Games (are) no longer excluded from competitions where events may be held in an alternative format,” World Athletics said in a press release.

The step is being introduced to bring young audiences closer to the game. World Athletics previously tried an innovative format in Diamond League Athletics meet. However, until now, World Athletics Championship and Olympic Games were excluded from the list. Now the new formats could also take place in the upcoming biggest world events.

Criticism of new formats in Athletics

National Stadium in Japan

Recently, the Diamond League in Stockholm allowed the best 3 triple jumpers a final attempt to decide the winner. The new changes had attracted criticism from Athletes including two-time Olympic champion Christian Taylor.

US triple-jumper, Taylor spoke against the new changes being brought into Athletics.

“I hope this idea will stop after this season,” the two-time Olympic and four-time world champion tweeted after the Diamond League in Stockholm.

“I would like to understand how this could be better than the traditional format?” he added.

The World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon(USA) has been rescheduled to July 2022. The changes were made after the Tokyo Olympics were pushed to next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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