“I have not won”: Alexa Bliss teases a new stint in WWE

“The Goddess” Alexa Bliss points out that she has never won the NXT Women’s Championship.

alexa bliss
"The Goddess" Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is one of the most talented Superstars on the WWE roster today. She has impressed the WWE Universe not only with her in-ring prowess but also with her acting abilities. “The Goddess” has been with the company since 2013 and is a multi-time Champion. She has won the Raw Women’s Championship thrice, Smackdown Women’s Championship twice and also the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

For most part in the last couple of years – she has been playing a supernatural gimmick – which had started with The Fiend. She delivered an iconic feud with Randy Orton. But even after Bray Wyatt was released from the company, Bliss continued the same gimmick. She feuded against Eva Marie and also Charlotte Flair – post which she went on a break.

The WWE Universe had expected that Alexa Bliss will return to the company in her old “Goddess” avatar. She came back by appearing in segments which involved her taking therapy. Week after week Bliss was being seen taking therapy. During her last session she was announced as the final entrant of the Elimination Chamber match.

Considering Elimination Chamber was Alexa Bliss’ big return to action, fans had expected her to go all the way and win the match. She came close to winning the match and become the No.1 Contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. But the EST of WWE Bianca Belair inched past her to win.

But Bliss has not been seen again on WWE TV since that match. She was recently seen on the WWE 2K22 launch stream where she was asked by the host that if there was anything that she hadn’t done. In response to this Bliss teased a new stint in the company. “NXT, I have not won the NXT Women’s Championship,” mentioned Bliss.

Will Alexa Bliss be seen at Wrestlemania 38?

alexa bliss

Alexa Bliss has been missing from WWE television since her appearance at the Elimination Chamber. When she had returned it seemed like she was back for something big. But the push was just one-off thing and the entire momentum has fizzled out already.

This has put her Wrestlemania appearance in jeopardy. The Two Women’s Championship matches have already been announced. The Women’s Tag Team scene also looks set and there isn’t much time to add Bliss to this. With Showcase of Immortals just a couple of weeks away, there is also no time to kick off a new feud. So the only way we could see her in action is if she is added to either of the singles title bouts.

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