“This year’s entire Hall of Fame induction should be about the Undertaker” Bully Ray gives a strong opinion about the 2022 Hall of Fame ceremony

Former WWE Superstar Bubba Ray Dudley aka Bully Ray has a strong opinion about the undertaker's induction in the hall of Fame class of 2022

The Undertaker is one of the rare WWE superstars who has grown to be more famous than the organisation. WrestleMania moments, furious feuds, and nostalgia are all associated with The Dead Man. At this year’s WrestleMania weekend in Dallas, Taker will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bully Ray gives a strong suggestion

Bully Ray on the Undertaker's Hall of Fame induction
Bully Ray on the Undertaker’s Hall of Fame induction

A former Hall of Famer has some fascinating suggestions for how WWE could handle The Undertaker’s enshrinement. Bully Ray was honoured into the Hall of Fame as Bubba Ray Dudley, a member of the famed Dudley Boyz. Bully went on to become a renowned radio broadcaster ‘Busted Open Radio’ known for his provocative viewpoints.
Bully Ray’s newest notion isn’t as far-fetched as some of his previous suggestions. The Undertaker should be the focus of the entire ceremony, despite the fact that it isn’t. Bully stated on the most recent episode of Busted Open Radio that Taker should be the sole one honoured this year.

“This year’s entire Hall of Fame induction should be about The Undertaker. I think several people should come up and help induct him. I think they can make it a very entertaining show. Taker can talk forever. I think it sells out the American Airlines Arena [in Dallas] on its own.” Bully said.

He continued, “That’s how big of a deal The Undertaker being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is. It’s like, how do you pick just one person to induct him? There are so many people that can do a phenomenal job of inducting him. Why not bring in everybody up there? I am a fan of the Hall of Fame induction behind the night after SmackDown. As a fan, you’re getting a lot of value, you’re getting value for your buck.”
Bully Ray’s plan isn’t half-bad. Other major WWE performers in the past have not received the same treatment. The Undertaker, according to Bully, should be an exception.

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