“It’s over” The Scottish psychopath Drew McIntyre ends Happy Corbin’s undefeated streak in an impressive way

Drew McIntyre beats Happy Coribn convincingly in the second match of Wrestlemania Saturday

Drew McIntyre Royal Rumble win-loss record
Drew McIntyre

The first night of the most stupendous events is on the way and the second match saw our former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre square off against the undefeated Happy Corbin in the second match of the night. As it had been anticipated, the dreams of Corbin still remaining undefeated after Wrestlemania were ‘Claymored’.

Drew McIntyre and Happy Corbin tore it down in Dallas

drew McIntyre vs Happy Corbin
McIntyre vs Corbin

The match between the two superstars definitely lived up to its expectations. From Drew kicking out to the End of the Days, hence becoming the first and only person to do so, to the Scottish Warrior using his sword and cutting the ropes down in the process, the match saw it all! Not to forget that Corbin was accompanied by his ally Madcap Moss who won the Andre the Giant memorial battle Royal yesterday night on Wrestlemania Smackdown.

The match led to a good start with both the competitors squaring off in a fair competition. Madcap Moss did try to interfere, but Drew McIntyre was clever enough to outsmart the ally duo. Drew immediately sprints around the ring and leapt over the top rope, knocking Moss and Corbin out.

Drew tried to end it early by attempting a Claymore but Corbin avoided and rather connected the End of Days for a surprising 2 count. They then tangled again, and the final moments saw Drew managing to land the Futureshock DDT before doing his trademark action and delivering the Claymore kick to put an end to an exciting match.

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