HILARIOUS! Drew McIntyre gets mocked by current WWE superstar

HILARIOUS! Drew McIntyre gets mocked by current WWE superstar

In the Jan 8, 2022 edition of SmackDown Michael Carter Rallis, famously known by his WWE ring name Madcap Moss, pulls out a hilarious mimic act of former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Madcap Moss has made his WWE debut in 2020 in a storyline involving the 24/7 Championship.

The first year and a half were not been much fruitful for him. But he made a staggering comeback by attacking Kavin Owens alongside Happy Corbin. Since then the duo has established itself as a cunning heel faction. However, in this article, we are going to look at the event where Madcap Moss ridicules Drew McIntyre in a recent SmackDown event.


The History Between Drew McIntyre and Madcap Moss

Drew McIntyre at the ringside
Hardy and Moss in a fight while Drew McIntyre and happy Corbin are in the ringside

Madcap Moss is aligned with Happy Corbin in recent times. Happy Corbin, in a SmackDown episode, stole the famous sword of Drew McIntyre and gifted it to Madcap Moss. Though, they remained unsuccessful in their purpose as Drew returned to regain his possession over the sword. Since then, Madcap Moss is in a feud with ‘The Scottish warrior’ Drew. At WWE Day 1 pay-per-view, Madcap Moss locked horns with Drew McIntyre but eventually lost the match.

Later, in a backstage segment, Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin brutalized McIntyre. They caused huge damage to McIntyre’s neck and thereby, keeping him out of the business for weeks.

Here is how Madcap Moss ridiculed Drew McIntyre

Drew fights out Madcap Moss at WWE Day 1

In the recent SmackDown episode, Happy Corbin came on the stage and sarcastically introduces the injured McIntyre. Moss entered the arena along with McIntyre’s entrance theme. Moreover, he wore McIntyre’s attire but in a hilarious way.


He put a pant under a kilt, which is a clear disrespect towards McIntyre. He even put a Cervical Collar around his neck and thereby mocking Drew McIntyre. He also held a tilted sword.

The storyline involving Drew and Madcap Moss is clearly going to take a more interesting angle. WWE Universe is now eagerly waiting to see Drew’s befitting reply to this ridicule from Madcap Moss. Whatever happens, Happy Corbin will undoubtedly play an important role in this feud.

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