“3-day body-transformation” Logan Paul spills the truth on his body transformation ahead of his Wrestlemania 38 appearance

Logan Paul discloses the reality behind his so advertised 3-day body transformation

YouTube sensation Logan Paul made his WWE debut at Wrestlemania 38 as he teamed up with the former WWE Champion, The Miz to square off against the team of Dominik and Rey Mysterio. He claimed on Twitter that he lost major weight in just 3 days, owing to his amazing 3-day body transformation. But what is the real truth to it?

Logan Paul says the tweet was faked as a part of a joke with the fans

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Logan Paul‘s physical features in the ring wowed fans, especially after he published before-and-after images showing him losing a significant amount of weight. The photographs, however, turned out to be part of an elaborate joke, and the transformation took him closer to a month than three days. Paul is renowned for being in fantastic form, especially whether competing in boxing matches or making public appearances, and he looked ripped in his WWE debut.

“That was a joke,” Paul admitted of his transformation post during The MMA Hour last night, before noting that he was paying tribute to anime character One Punch Man. “That was like a month. One Punch Man is the strongest anime character of all time, he destroys people with one punch and everybody is like ‘how do you do it? What’s your training regimen?’ And all he does is 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups every day and runs 10 miles.”

Paul’s return to the ring was foreshadowed by his WWE debut, and he now seems to be headed for the UFC octagon. Dana White, the promoter, declined last month to rule out the possibility of Paul fighting at some point, and he is now eyeing a bout with newcomer Paddy Pimblett.

Regardless of the fact that WWE ‘fights’ are pre-determined and thus not actual sporting fights, he hails it as his first victory after three failed boxing attempts. He drew in his first fight against fellow YouTuber KSI, then lost a split decision in their rematch and went to the length in an exhibition with Floyd Mayweather that was not scored.

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