“I miss you,” Top SmackDown star sends a message to Sasha Banks one day before her rumored Royal Rumble return 

Bayley and Sasha Banks share an extremely tight knit bond with each other in the WWE.

“I miss you,” Top SmackDown star sends a message to Sasha Banks one day before her rumored Royal Rumble return 

Sasha Banks (via WWE)

The Royal Rumble is just a few days away, and the fans are excited about the surprises. One of those surprises could be the potential return of former WWE star, Sasha Banks. Amidst the rumors of her return, many WWE superstars wished her a Happy Birthday as The Boss turns 32.


One of those superstars was the fellow horsewoman, Bayley, who shares a close relationship with Banks. The Role Model took to X and wished her a Happy Birthday, with a caption saying she misses her. Not only Bayley, but many superstars like Natalya and Dana Brooke also wished her on the joyous occasion.

Bayley and Sasha both share a rich history in the wrestling industry. They have won multiple championships together and fought against each other in some of the most amazing matches. They were Women’s Tag Team Champions during the pandemic, carrying that era during the company’s difficult time with no fans.

Happy Birthday shawty MercedesVarnado, miss u.
Bayley on X

Many rumors are surfacing online regarding her return, as she was recently seen training with Bayley and Tyler Breeze. It will be interesting to see whether she returns to Royal Rumble and shares a moment with her best friend, Bayley.


Sasha Banks sends a heartwarming message on her birthday and aims for a great 2024 on social media

Sasha Banks celebrated her 32nd birthday yesterday and shared many pictures of superstars wishing her Happy Birthday on her Instagram story. On the occasion, Banks herself shared a post and showed her gratitude.

Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks (via Forbes)

The Boss took to X and shared a post, saying that she is excited for the new year and the adventure it brings with it. She is looking forward to chasing her dreams this year and achieving new objectives.

Get ready for an epic ride because 32 is about to unleash a whirlwind of adventure and fun! I am beyond grateful to have another year to chase my dreams and conquer new heights. I'm ready to rock this year and shake the table like never before!
Sasha Banks on X

Sasha Banks has won it all in WWE, but if there’s one thing she hasn’t won yet, it’s the high-profile Royal Rumble match. The fans will hope that she returns to the company, wins her first-ever Royal Rumble match, and goes on to the main event of WrestleMania.

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