“We fought for them,” Bayley sends emotional message to Sasha Banks after WWE finally acknowledges her in latest post amidst AEW debut rumors

Sasha Banks and Bayley shared several wonderful moments during their time together in WWE and they were even able to become the inaugural WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

“We fought for them,” Bayley sends emotional message to Sasha Banks after WWE finally acknowledges her in latest post amidst AEW debut rumors

Sasha Banks and Bayley (Via WWE)

In 2019, WWE reintroduced the Women’s Tag Team Championships, marking a significant milestone for women’s wrestling. Among the notable teams were Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone, and Bayley, who formed the dynamic duo known as the Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection. Recently, WWE celebrated five years of the Women’s Tag Team Titles, prompting The Role Model to share an emotional post on social media.


WWE recently shared a post celebrating five years of the Women’s Tag Team Titles, and what surprised many fans was the mention of the Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection, specifically Sasha Banks. This mention raised eyebrows because Banks is currently rumored to be signing with AEW. Despite the rumors, WWE’s acknowledgment of Banks and her former tag team partner, Bayley’s impact on the division shows a level of appreciation for their contributions to the company.

Bayley recently expressed her gratitude for her partnership with Sasha Banks on social media. In her message, she reflected on their six-year journey together, highlighting their efforts in advocating for the women’s tag team division and pushing for more opportunities for female wrestlers. Bayley’s post not only honored their partnership but also emphasized the impact they had on WWE and the women’s wrestling scene during their time together.

And we fought for them for over 6 years. For our division and more opportunity. Grateful for my time with you
Bayley via X

Sasha Banks and Bayley’s journey in WWE began together when they joined NXT at the same time. They shared a bond that extended beyond the ring, as they supported each other in their quest to become top stars in women’s wrestling. Their hard work and dedication paid off when they captured the Women’s Tag Team Championships at Elimination Chamber.


Bayley posts a cryptic message on social media

Recently, WWE superstar Bayley posted a cryptic message on her X account, sharing a GIF of Stone Cold Steve Austin without any accompanying captions. Fans have been quick to speculate that The Role Model’s post, featuring Steve Austin‘s renowned motto, ‘Don’t trust anyone,’ hints at a shift in her mindset.

Damage CTRL attacked Bayley (Via WWE)

The Royal Rumble winner has found herself in a challenging situation after her allies in Damage CTRL turned on her. Dakota Kai, seeking protection from Iyo Sky and her group, approached Bayley on a recent episode of SmackDown. Although Bayley thanked Kai for saving her from an attack by Iyo Sky, Asuka, and Kairi Sane, their interaction seemed strained, raising questions about Kai’s true intentions.

As WrestleMania approaches, the ongoing mind games and shifting allegiances are expected to play a pivotal role in Bayley’s upcoming clash against Iyo Sky at WrestleMania XL. The uncertainty surrounding Dakota Kai’s loyalty adds complexity to the situation, leaving fans wondering if a betrayal is looming.

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