“It will make them want to give us more”- Bayley derives a strategy to elevate the Women’s division as a whole

Former SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley devises a plan to improve the WWE Women's division as a whole.

Bayley in WWE
Bayley in WWE
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Bayley is one of the best Women wrestlers of the current generation and has proved herself by displaying her incredible athleticism and acrobatics in the squared circle. Bayley was sidelined due to an injury last year, and her match against Bianca Belair at the MITB 2021was cancelled. The Role Model was out of action for a year ad returned to WWE this year at SummerSlam. She has formed a new stable along with Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky and made her SummerSlam return along with them. Bayley, along with her new friends confronted Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch at the event.

Bayley, along with Sky and Kai attacked an injured Becky Lynch at the backstage on this week’s RAW. Bayley will likely challenge Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship as she has some unfinished business with Belair. The Role Model’s heel turn has been loved by the WWE Universe and she has returned to the company unchanged. Bayley last held a Women’s Championship belt in 2019, and her longest reign of 380 days was ended by Sasha Banks. She has failed to capture the belt since then, with her last bout for the championship being at Hell in a cell 2021 against Belair.

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Bayley wants the Women’s Tag Team Titles to be revived as soon as possible

Bayley returns at SummerSlam along with Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky
Bayley returns at SummerSlam along with Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky

Bayley said on Corey Graves’ podcast After the Bell that there is a delicate line between fighting for what you believe in and trying to make the most of every circumstance. She stated that she wants to assist the females she brings in, alluding to Kai and Sky, in working out the issues that would progress the women’s division. Bayley has stated that she wants the Tag Titles to be revived and given greater significance.

In the same podcast, Bayley stated that she is not a selfish person and that everyone wants to impress their superiors, which causes everyone to turn on each other. She stated that if they all work together and put on a good presentation without fussing about little details, the WWE bosses will give us more opportunities since we will show them that we are easy to deal with.

“If we worked a little less selfishly if we kind of see the bigger picture. I feel like we’ve been in this tunnel of, we’re trying to show our bosses, ‘I have what it takes. No, I have what it takes.’ It turns us against each other. No, let’s show them all what we can do. If we all show them that we can get along and do a show and we’re not going to complain about every little thing, then it will make them want to give us more because we’re easier to work with.”

Bayley will probably fight Bianca Belair at the clash of Castle Live event in September. If Bayley wins the Championship and Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai win the Tag titles, it will be the first women’s stable in which each member would be holding the gold.

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