Bianca Belair sends emotional message to Naomi after getting brutally attacked by Damage CTRL on SmackDown

Bianca Belair tried to save Naomi from an attack from Damage CTRL, but the notorious faction stood tall.

Bianca Belair sends emotional message to Naomi after getting brutally attacked by Damage CTRL on SmackDown

Bianca Belair and Naomi (via Reddit and Wrestling News)

Bianca Belair stayed true to her morals, as she made a valiant effort to save Naomi from the brutal attack of Damage CTRL. The EST of WWE showed how much she cared for her friend with an emotional message on social media.


The former Women’s Champion took to X and sent a message in support of her friend Naomi. She stated that the 36-year-old acted exactly like she did and ended up being in danger. Belair further added that she couldn’t just leave her alone, surrounded by the evil members of the Damage CTRL. She concluded her message with a stern warning to Dakota Kai

At first, Bianca Belair was skeptical about helping the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble winner Bayley from Damage CTRL. She even told the 36-year-old that she brought it all upon herself but at last, jumped in a mess to fight the notorious faction. Iyo Sky and Belair already have bad blood between them, as the former became champion by cashing in her MITB contract on the latter. 

I could say I told you so... but I did what I had to do. I saw myself in you tonight TheTrinity_Fatu you led with your heart & ended up in some mess & I couldn't leave you hanging. I know what it's like to fight them alone & I won't let you do it. See you next week ImKingKota.
Bianca Belair to Naomi on X

The 34-year-old will fight in a singles match against Kai on next week’s episode of SmackDown. Whenever a Damage CTRL member wrestles in a match, chaos is ensured. It will be interesting to see whether Belair manages to fend off her opponent or Kai gets the better of her with the shenanigans. 


Damage CTRL member Dakota Kai sent a message to Bianca Belair ahead of their match

WWE superstar Dakota Kai didn’t miss a chance to irritate The EST of WWE through her mind games. She sent her a message in a backstage interview after the group stood tall against them on the latest episode of SmackDown. 

Bianca Belair and Dakota Kai
Bianca Belair and Dakota Kai (via WWE)

It looked like the 35-year-old star wasn’t aware that she was facing Belair. The backstage interviewer Byron Saxton snapped her back to reality, as she delved into the praises of how they destroyed the duo of Belair and Naomi. However, even after knowing the news, she was confident about her match.

Hey Bianca, I know you've had my number since day one, okay? We both started at the Performance Center together, we've been entwined since then. But you know what I have that you don't? A crew, all righ? A crew that's been standing tall on SmackDown. So I'll see you next week, Bianca. You're done."
Dakota Kai to Bianca Belair via SmackDown

At first, Kai admitted that The EST of WWE got her number a few times before. Then she stated that she had one thing that Belair didn’t have, and that was the support of her friends. The 35-year-old star vowed to end her when they face off against each other next week.

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